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Klonopin cocktail details (Re: MAO-B ...) Rick

Posted by S.D. on July 22, 2000, at 20:32:17

In reply to Re: MAO-B inhibitor + dopamine-releaser dangerous? S.D., posted by Rick on July 22, 2000, at 2:20:27

> S.D., would you mind sharing (1) your daily
>dosage of Klonopin, including dosing schedule,
>(2) how long you've been taking it, and (3)
>whether you're taking anything other than K & KK?
I D/T Neurontin (N) secondary to amnestic sideFX after incr. to 1200mg qd. PDoc suggested continuing Neurontin at lower dose while doing Klonopin (K) and I agreed but soon after decided substituting kava kava (KK) in place of N was smarter because if cognitive side effects continued I'd want to know if it was the Klonopin (KK hadn't caused any previously by itself.)

1) and 2): It has varied slightly but it's like this...

One capsule of KK = 200mg of 30%-kavalactones kava kava extract, plus probably-small amounts of herbal crap that possibly are affecting fatigue (but the capsules were on sale *really cheap!!*)

Steady on K and KK for 20 days after abut 4 days ramping up both.
Dosing: .5mg K and 2 capsules KK at a.m./breakfast; .25 K and 1 capsule KK at each of noon and 5pm. Occassionally will either take 5pm K at noon, or take additional .25mg K at 5pm or later.

Additional med being taken for about past 10 days is ephedrine (Primatine tablets) to try to get my ass out of bed. Std dosage on label is 2 tabs every 4 hours but I've been taking only 2 tabs a.m. in bed, then probably max. 3 more tabs rest of day, with ocassionally also some caffeine or phenypropanolamine.
These probably aren't the greatest things for me but my current pdoc isn't wild about stims. Is there anything more similar to/indicative of response to adderall? Preferably not something cooked up in basement labs and distributed by Hell's Angels members.

I may see what effect discontinuing KK has. I know it helped social anxiety by itself, at 5 capsules/qd.
>I wish that the widely-circulated, dated
>Brazilian article that recommends 3.0-6.0 mg/day
>would just disappear from the net, especially

Does it refer to clonazepam? People say the trademarked real Klonopin (which I'm taking now, BTW) is better; maybe it is equiv. to a higher dose of Brazilian clonazepam. I know the clonazepam I was given for a while secondary to antidepressent-induced anxiety had not as much benefit as K now (else I would have cajoled, wheedled or threatened anyone I had to in order to not have had to stop taking it then.)

>from Doctor Bob's site!! Almost all other
>research, including reputable, placebo->controlled studies, suggest prime efficacy at >doses maxing out at 3.0 mg.

I thought only *one* controlled study on the stuff existed. Not that I need any efficacy studies to sell me... ;-)

peace and health,





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