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Re: Amisulpride, Andrew and all Ant-Rock

Posted by SLS on June 7, 2000, at 8:23:40

In reply to Re: Amisulpride, Andrew and all, posted by Ant-Rock on June 6, 2000, at 17:57:56

> No Scott, I am not bipolar. My loss of libido has been with me ever since I had a severe traumatic reaction to a drug called Amoxapine.

> This med I was trying while being treated for a dysthymic depression/fatigue, sent my mind and body into a severe tailspin. I could go on describing all the problems this reaction left me with such as weakness and severe anhedonia, but it's just to sad to think about for very long.

Yes. I experienced a similar reaction to this drug. I recently made a stealthy reference to this drug in a previous post. Your reaction to amoxapine may have been due, in part, to its abiity to block dopamine receptors with signigicant potency. I believe that the symptoms that appeared or that were aggravated are an indicator that your pursuit of dopaminergic drugs is a good idea. Just don't exclude all others. The brain defies explanation.

> I've tried to get answers(God knows)but I've come up empty time and again.

Well, at least now you have an answer to the human components of your experience.

> I'm taking ritalin to augment the parnate, after reading about many successes this combo has had for extremely treatment resistant patients. I've read about grand remissions from this combo in DR. Bobs tips section(keywords: stimulants,maois)that several Doctors spoke of.


- High-dose Parnate 100mg - 150mg
- add tricyclics (desipramine)
- add amphetamine
- add ritalin
- add Parlodel, Permax, Mirapex - DA receptor agonists
- add lithium - low dose - 300 - 600mg
- add Wellbutrin

- Mix and match

> I've been on parnate before with decent results, hoping to increase dosage from 40mg soon. So far this combo hasn't been spectacular, but I'm still on a relatively low dose parnate, but it's at least given me the energy to get up and function in the morning. 2 weeks ago I was pretty much a vegetable, so I guess I should be thankful. Unfortunately the anhedonia is still prevalent.

> Drugs that helped me in the past?
> -Parnate somewhat
> -Amineptine in some ways

> -rTMS(transcr.magnetic-stim),subtle,very transient

Where did you receive these treatments? S.C.? Was it part of a research investigation? Who was the primary investigator?

> -Ritalin after about my first week(only 10mg/day) I noticed much improved mood and anhedonia started to lift, I actually wanted to do things, but these short lived improvements began to wane and even upon increasing the dose it hasn't returned.

You and I are similar in this respect.

> The components of my depression have always been the atypical kind. Slowed mental & physical fuction, fatigue, tiredness, lack of sex drive, apathy and so on.

These are also my primary symptoms.

> I've never had severe anxieties,panic, or mania.

How old are you?

I am not sure as to the role mood stabilizers are currently viewed to have in atypical unipolar depression, but you may want to look into it. I know that they are used sometimes. I mentioned low-dose lithium. This is *definitely* used with great success, especially when added to Parnate. Check out Lamictal.

> Hope I could be of some help Scott, feel free to comment or ask anything, I certainly don't mind the questions and I always appreciate the input I get hear as well.
> Anthony

You have. I hope I have done the same for you. I'll post anything I come up with. Thanks for your reply.





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