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Re: My experience with Celexa

Posted by Eliza on March 14, 2000, at 8:32:35

In reply to My experience with Celexa, posted by MA on February 29, 2000, at 9:46:05

I tried Prozac twice (4 months each time) and while the effects were immediate (the world going from black and white to color type thing) and I liked that kaleidoscopic shift, it made me feel better right away, over the long term, I found Prozac made me sleepy, I gained weight (and didn't care), and, most interestingly, since I know it supposedly kills libido, made me very promiscuous. I stopped taking it each time because it seemed to take the edge off of things after a while, and basically, I just didn't like myself on the drug. After a few years of sort of low-level depression (dysthymia?), I suffered another major depressive incident. I was feeling bleak, hopeless, etc. I started Celexa in October (I've been on it almost six months now). The effects were milder, more subtle than the effects with Prozac. I felt better gradually. Very minimal side effects at 20 mg. When I increased to 40 I got so drowsy (yawning constantly, going to bed at 8:30, not wanting to get out of bed in the morning) I cut myself back. I find my life is better all around, I'm happier, more hopeful, more confident, in a great relationship (since about Thanksgiving). At 20 mg. I don't have any noticable physical side effects. I don't have lowered libido or excessive drowsiness (although I probably sleep 7 to 9 hours on the drug, as opposed to 5 to 7 when I'm not taking anything). Unlike Prozac, I don't feel like a completely different person, and it isn't making me a fat zombie! I bought roller blades and I'm taking kickboxing and doing yoga and all in all just convinced that the pieces are all going to fall into place for me. I don't cry at all (not even watching a film like Life is Beautiful) and that's wierd for me since I've always been so hyper-sensitive (I mean, I'm the kind of person who cries during the Star Spangled Banner), but it's better than crying all the time. I was telling my therapist the other day that I do miss the depressed me at times, it's wierd to feel so good, to be so happy. At this point I know it's not all the Celexa, that it's my relationship, and the exercise, etc., but I do feel so noticably different and so much better than I've felt before, even at times in my life when things were "going well" so to speak, that I can't help thinking the Celexa isn't playing a major role. I'm thrilled with the drug; I'm sorry some of you are having problems with it. (Truth be told, I wanted Welbutrin, and begged my therapist to put me on it, but since I have a history of anorexia she negged that. I know other people who are taking it and they love it, especially as it makes them lose weight!). I do get concerned about long-term side effects (brain damage, etc.) and worry that I might pay a huge price down the road for the happiness I am presently enjoying. Maybe so. But I also know that the people who say it's a spiritual disease don't know what they are talking about. I have two degrees in religion, an MDiv, and I've been in therapy for years. I read and do yoga and listen to music and do all the right things, all well and good, but nothing has turned my life around in so real and visceral a way as this drug. Sorry to be so long, I've never posted anything before and wanted to share some of my thoughts, and some of my experiences with meds.




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