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Re: Help! My Prozac stopped working, what should I do?

Posted by Andy on February 7, 2000, at 10:28:57

In reply to Help! My Prozac stopped working, what should I do?, posted by Sef on February 6, 2000, at 19:19:24

I had a similar problem with prozac--it works great but I can't tolerate it. I've had alot of luck with buspar (60mg/day) taming the side effects of prozac (which for me were anxiety and insomnia). Recently I added 25mg Nortriptyline to help sleep. Maybe 60mg prozac is just what you need, so if you can find a way to tolerate it you're in business.

> I am not sure when my depression started or if I have always had it. Anyway, about 7 years ago I 'crashed,' I couldn't get out of bed or get in the shower to go to work. Since that time I have struggled, been 'cured' and strugled again. Here is my med history....when I first 'crashed' I was given 20mg of Prozac and Xanax to help me sleep at night. After 1 month it did not work so my pdoc gave me desipramine too. About a week later, it kicked in. I couldn't believe how well it worked, it was a miracle! I took the meds for 8 months, decided I was cured and stopped going to the pdoc. My weight had stabilized, I lost my urges to binge on snickers, my thoughts of suicide left, and I had energy and optimism! I'm not sure how much time passed, but my depression came back again. I didn't want to go to a pdoc again so I tried herbal remedies, but I continued to spiral. Finally, I went to my MD and asked to try Prozac again. It worked like a miracle again, but as before, the effects wore off. So my MD increased my dosage to 40mg, which helped alittle, but it was still not like before. Frustrated with the costs I was incurring and no relief, I quit all meds again. I bottomed out again and swallowed my pride, I went to a pdoc again. He tried Effexor (which made me throw up), Paxil (which made me sleep ALOT and gain weight), Zoloft (which I had a bad reaction to), and then finally he put me on Prozac again, along with Impramine. I had to stop the Impramine because of a reaction, but he kept me on the Prozac. Again it worked like a miracle, but after about 6 months, stopped working. Again I had an increase to 40 mg and then to 60 mg, but I could not tolerate 60 so he dropped me down to 50 mg. But it is not working. At one point he prescribed me neurotin, but when I found out it was an anti-convulsive med I got scared and stopped taking it. Is there anything out there that won't stop working after a while? What should I do? I wonder sometimes if I have a defective gene or something because I have 3 siblings who also suffer with debilitating depression. One has attempted suicide, one has been hospitalized for it , and the other also has OCD. Help!!!!!!




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