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Re: Hormone Replacement Therapy

Posted by Melissa on January 30, 2000, at 2:05:39

In reply to Re: Hormone Replacement Therapy, posted by Margo on January 29, 2000, at 19:12:53

> > I also took celexia for 6 mo. I agree that it helped but as others the exaustion and weight gain where to much of a trade off. I'm going to take Melissa's advice and try the hormone replacement theapy. I gained 20 lbs on celexia in just 6 mo. after I stopped taking the celexia I had very strange head rushes a tingeling feeling for about a week or two and then a severe headache that lasted for about 3 or 4 days. I feel more normal now and think it did help me through a rough spot, But with my age 41 soon to be 42 I will try the hormones. My doctor had suggested I try them but after the weight gain I've had I really thought I would just gain more. I beleive with the increased energy though I could get back to my normal routine and hoopefully loose the extra weight. I've always been thin so I'm not taking being a size 10 to well. I hope you all find the perfect answer for yourselves. Just don't give up and beleive in yourself in the mean time!
I have been taking HRT for a couple of years now, and I have been steadily, slowly taking off the weight. THe weight I gained from Celexa came of relatively quickly (less than a month) and though I go through bouts of stress when I eat inappropriately and gain some weight, afterwards it does come off. Amd I continute to be happier and healthier and stronger than I have ever been. I do wish I had started taking it in my early 40's. I think I was in the very early stages of menopause that is not yet medically acknowledged. Doctors wait too long before sarting it. I would be very curious as to how your results are. I do want to strongly recommend the natural HRT's that are still presciption required. The best is the brand name estrace. If your prescription plan will only pay for the genric, pay the difference out of your pocket. I tried the genric for a while and lost a lot of the benefits. My doctor who is literally one of the world's leading researchers in HRT (and the related field of fertility) says that his experience is that the generics fail for many women under many circumstances (including fertility issues.) FOr the progesterone (which you must take to avoid the risk of uterine cancer) it is important to get the "methodized" progesterone (that is not quite the right term but your doctor should know or you can look it up)
because your body won't assimilate it. You can get these drugs through the WOmen's international Pharmacy in WIsconsin (call 800 info for phone number), your doctor can phone in a prescription, if you do not have a local pharmacy that will do compounding. (that is critical, because you will find you will need to make minute changes indoeses to find the right one for you and as you are i your early forties you will find the right dose will change over time.) WOmen's INternational pharmacy also will send you a booklet on the latest info on HRT naturals. I strongly recommend against the synthetics, which most women take. Most women I know have pretty bad side effects, the degree of which aries from women to woman. (And no, the fact that the synthetics are made from pregnat mares' urine does nto mean it is natural. It is not.) Progestin, the synthetic for progesterone, is the drug that seems to cause the worst side effects, bringing on symptoms of PMS even in women who never had PMS and also causes weight gain. (My understanding is that one theory for women who suffer from PMS is that their body produces too much progesterone during that part of the cylce which causes the PMS symptoms.) I know that just in the last week a study has been published in one of the major medical journals that indicates that the combo of estrogen and progesterone (actually it was the eynthetics, progestin in particular) which are taken together to eliminate the increased risk of uterine cancer that taking estrogine alone causes, the study indicates that the combo increase the risk of breast cancer over taking estrogen alone. However, I would still suggest taking the two combined. Because there are other studies coming out that show there is no correlation between HRT and breast cancer. It has to do with the data analysis and how the tests are set up. (I have this knowledge because my doctor is a researcher and I myself am an academic and have a good deal of knowledge about data studies.) So the results re: breast cancer are too inconclsive and the increased risk indicated if true is only 8% a year on a very small numbe to begin with, whereas with uterine cancer it is over 25% and that is established as a certainty and known for several decades.) So good luck and I hope to see a post here about your experience.





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