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Re: thread sorting

Posted by Philip Marx on January 10, 2000, at 3:30:17

In reply to Re: formatting, posted by Dr. Bob on January 9, 2000, at 2:45:11

> > The system also loses all indent spaces and leading spaces and tabs, I don't know if it's at the Windows clipboard paste/dump or not.
> No, it's when the browser displays the page. In HTML, spaces are kind of ignored.
> > > The threads are in fact in chronological order -- based on when they were started.
> > Re: Reboxetine (Edronax) Bruce 1/3/00
> > Reboxetine side effects Frymet 1/3/00
> > Re: Reboxetine side effects Peter 1/4/00
> > Re: Reboxetine side effects torchgrl 1/5/00
> > Re: Question -- Re: Nicotine gum Richard 1/2/00
> >
> > Note that some 1/5/00 are before 1/2/00.
> Yes, but the thread with the 1/5 post was started in 7/98, while that with the 1/2 post wasn't started until 11/98. The 7/98 thread comes before the 11/98 thread.
> Bob

Re: Thread chronology

Shades of FORTH, there it is. Quite a difference from the stocks board threads Iím more used to. I see better how I got lost.

How do I get my email notification turned back on Ė I checked the box every time?

Sounds like my confusion was contagious, sorry all, it was clear to me at first, but erroneously. Some confusion just means I have yet to make my point Ė so invest more explanation. Second type confusion just means that they are starting to get it Ė so invest more explanation. Third type confusion means I had better start over Ė so invest more explanation. Alternate recourses are now being researched.

Now back to the subject of what Iím still here for. The babble search is now limited to search by incremental archive. I may have found a way to get around that while complaining with my web accelerator provider about how he was abusing his speed gains too much. I am now starting up several times faster without them & without a home page by putting a shortcut to my favorites and history in my startup folder. Now I just shove and group ALL the links I want to look at right now and right-click group-lasso and open all windows at once. No longer does it take longer to change pages than it does to read them. No more 30 seconds or more each through a home page, more like 2.5 seconds each. More of the same trick might work for a symptom-medication search match-up in a folder full of babble-archive links. Darn, didnít work. Gotta find that software that downloads the whole site HTML again. Patience is a virtue. So is knowing when to give up and move on. Merging both is better than each alone, working both at the same time is burning candles from both ends, gives more light too. Diagnosis is getting instrumental. I was going to cross-index all refractory atypicals with various degrees of treatment or diagnosis resistance, and their symptoms with their medications for a hope% chart CAM style in Excel. I think Iíve seen significant diagnosis detour symptoms ignored and too much hopeful-hypothesis following for things for which no typical classification is yet classical. Biggest complaints might be related. Nausea is common, and treated like common, which may be a key problem. Do the diets change, the metabolics change, or is the disorder creating cravings for nutrients that are difficult to scavenge from anything less than a horrendous amount of American over-purified food, or is it something else causing all the reported weight gain over time, such as the reduced mobility, I bet the FDA would like itís subjectivity protected with a lot of instrumental objectivity. So would the medication makers (drug companies). Waiting for several weeks to believe whether a test patient maintains a moving target impression of how sick the medication makes them has gotta go. Coma patients canít talk. Letís fix that.

These often require venipuncture and licensing, but EGG doesnít.
Automatic Blood AnalyzeróThis small device developed by NASA allows doctors to quickly perform 80 to 100 different chemical blood tests from a single drop of blood in 5 minutes.
Exercise EquipmentóNASA electrode technology, developed to monitor the heart rate of astronauts in space, has led to exercise equipment, also used in gyms and rehabilitation centers, that continually monitors the user's heart rate and sets the machine's pace according to physician or trainer instructions.

When they go into space many of them get a little bit of space motion sickness, but that lasts for only a day or so and we have good treatments for it now. Besides that they really don't get to sick.

I wonder if they have a way of measuring nausea? Nausea during coma would be nice to detect metrically.
An EGG, like an EEG, an abdominal EMG (Holter) would speed a lot of medication caution.

Real top down planetary health:

Gotta get up tomorrow early to register.





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