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Re:Effexor induced squigglies/eating (long)

Posted by Renee N on January 6, 2000, at 23:42:28

In reply to Re: extra-pyramidal effects, posted by juniper on January 6, 2000, at 20:15:20

> > I have seen this term many times but don't know what it means. Can you give some examples?
> Extra-pyramidal effects can be a side effect of neuroleptic medications (many antipsychotic drugs)resulting in unwanted and uncontrollable movements such as tremors, spasms, or tics. i think that these effects can sometimes be permantent regardless of whether the medication is discontinued. i believe that these effects stem from the effect of antipsychotics on dopamine, since dopamine is indicated in many movement disorders.
> ---hope this helps :)

I love the term squigglies! Effexor makes me soooo sleepy, but I still find myself constantly doing mini exercises. I thought that I was doing them because of not wanting to regain the 41.5(but who's counting?!) pounds I've lost in the past couple of years. The effexor had me so wiped out that all I wanted to after work was sleep. Now I realize that it's more than that, it's almost a (dare I say it?) a compulsive urge. Now I have a label for it, that is if I can remember the akathesia. I guess I could use a nmemonic device such as seperating the word, calling the aka part "also known as" and then "the" and lastly "sia"(think "sea-a"). Weird? Yes, but with an ADD mind like mine, you have to come up with memory tricks. Too bad I didn't use one to remember that I did bring my ADDerall for my second dose to work today. At lunch I told someone that I was getting some coffee because I forgot to bring my ADDerall to work. I also forgot my glasses. Good thing I was working with kindergarten and first grade where the writing tends to be very LARGE. When I saw the same person later in the day I asked her if she wanted to hear something funny. I told herthen toldher, "I forgot to remember that I did remember my medicine." It was in my purse right where I put it before work this morning. At least I am laughing about some of this. Before the antidepressants, I would cry and beat myself up, figuratively that is, not literally.
Anyway, I used to take a large dose of ADDerall--30 mg. twice a day, but had to cut back when I started Effexor XR--37.5 then 75, now 150mg, because my blood pressure rose. I also take 150 mg. of Wellbutrin SR a day. I had to go almost 5 days without any ADDerall because of some crazy screw ups getting the new prescrition from the pdoc to me. I was fine at work energy wise, but dead at home. Now I've just started the ADDerall again at 10 mg. three times a day. I asked if I could add a third dose to get me through the evenings. I feel more alert, but also "speedy". I know from experience that the speediness will fade. My appetite, which is mostly in the form of a giant, foraging sweet-tooth, has subsided along with my yearning for my warm and comfy bed. I feel like doing real exercise again. I'm also in a great mood today! Cross your fingers for me that depression will not visit (like that Influenza guy on the tv commercial) again in this millenium. Don't worry, I know even "normal" people aren't in a good mood all the time.
Now, if only I could find something that would help the worst part of my ADD, which is forgetfulness. If not, I guess I will just have to learn to live with it and keep working at ways to work better with what I've got.
Thanks for listening...errr,I mean reading.

P.S. Sorry about my last post that only said "era". I was on a roll when I accidently deleted everything but that. I was running late to go somewhere( darn internet addiction!), didn't pay good attention (Gee, what a surprise) and hit the wrong button.-




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