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Re: Clorazepate

Posted by Teresa question for Rick on December 29, 1999, at 20:07:43

In reply to Re: Clorazepate, posted by Rick on December 26, 1999, at 21:14:40

Hey Rick,
Just got back from the doctor's office. What do you know about Celexa Citalopram HBr? Any thing?? He said the choice of selection was mine but, I haven't a clue what to start with. DX: Moderate-Severe depression....can't really go into details right now but, you get the idea from my other e-mail.
Can you help with this one? I'm scared that this will be like the Effexor.
Thanks! Me

> Teresa --
> Sorry to hear about your difficulties. Especially without knowing the details of your anxieties (or
> is it possibly depression?), how long you've been
> on the Tranxene, how much you're taking, etc. it's so hard to comment. And even then, diagnosis,
> reaction to medication and possible alternates,
> etc. are something you need to work out with your doctor -- preferably a psychiatrist, and
> preferably one who has experience in anxiety
> disorders and who is current with the latest
> developments in treatment of mental problems.
> There are still some doctors out there who will
> simply "throw some benzos" at someone who is, say, distressed by marital difficulties, when this
> person is in fact clinically depressed and should
> be on an anti-depressant. The word "grief"
> certainly raised a red flag in my mind. There was recently a study showing that the antidepressant
> Zoloft was effective in reducing grief among women who had lost a loved one.
> If you have faith in your doctor, you've really
> got to deal with him/her in terms of how you're
> doing on the medication, both mentally and
> physically. There are many options, both among
> benzos and other medications; and dosage could
> make a big difference. I would definitely ask
> them their rationale for choosing clorazepate
> instead of another benzo, or a different
> anti-anxiety med (which would primarily be BuSpar
> or an anxiety-fighting antidepressant). I'd ask
> point-blank if the supposed safety of
> longer-lasting benzos vs. others contributed to
> the choice. Unless you are prone to alcohol or
> substance abuse, this would be a bad reason to
> prescribe a medication that doesn't work as well
> for you or makes you feel lousy. Any benzo, and
> several other meds, will help you sleep.
> Good luck to you
> Rick
> P.S. For others' experiences on Tranxene -- in
> addition to what you might read here -- go to
> and search on "tranxene or tranzene
> or clorazepate". After perusing the posts, scroll to the bottom and search again among "PAST"
> messages. You'll find hundreds.
> ----
> > No this isn't the same as
> least, I don't think so. he other message was
> very it. I don't know where to look
> for any more informatiom/.....I swear I've tried
> everywhere and don't know if the way that I'm
> feeling is suppose to be this way. For a very
> active spunky person, this is a hard adjustment.
> I think that the pills have helped by keeping me
> so out of could a person react to the
> great grief that I've been feeling if I'm asleep
> Use to have night tears all the night and this
> stuff had me sleeping with no intrusions for 2
> nights now.
> > Thanks for your posting.
> > Teresa
> > > > Does anyone have any updated info on this
> medication?? I was just RX'd it for relieving the
> stressful situations that I've encountered. Any
> advise would be great!
> > >
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Is this clorazepam? Do a search on this site
> and check out the tips on Klonopin.
> > >
> > > Lots of good info here.
> > >
> > > Canadian Michele




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