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Re: OUCH LARRY !!!- -Canadian Michele

Posted by Larry on December 28, 1999, at 16:50:21

In reply to Re: OUCH LARRY !!!- BUT DID GENERATE GREAT DEBATE, posted by canadian Michele on December 28, 1999, at 12:05:46

> > > I was playing devil's advocate there and it certainly brought us some very stimulating debate/info.
> > > Perhaps it is my canadian conservatism and vigilant skepticism regarding California generated revolutionary stuff and even if Dr. Jensen was tried (scientifically) and true his incredibly CHEESY website would keep me from ever entrusting him with my care. It reads like an add on the back page of a comic book. I am sorry his presentation puts me very ill at ease. If his Methods work then they should be presented to the appropriate medical bodies. You know these guys come a dime a dozen and just because he might get the Oprah 'seal of approval' or some such thing does not make him bonefide in my books.
> > > Needy people are always vulnerable. Perhaps some of you that have chemistry backgrounds (and there seems to be quite a few of you that have expert knowledge - perhaps you are better able than most of us to sort out the wheat from the chaff so to speak. People like Jensen can be dangerous.
> > >
> > > I am very much interested in seeing the status quo of the present psychtropic protocol challenged for the benefit of all of us. Maybe Jensen has something to contribute?
> > >
> > > I, for one am not willingly to jump on any old bank wagon that passes by.
> > >
> > > Canadian Michele
> > __________________________________________
> > Gee, none of that stuff bothered me. I'm skeptical too and I also want some good science to back things up - double blind, peer review, etc. But on the other hand, I also don't necessarily need to accept something as gospel that the already conservative medical community has accepted years ago - namely that alot of medications need weeks to (maybe)work while the suffering continues - when relief often comes during that time from remission (temporary or otherwise), not the drug itself.
> > Do I understand right - that even if he were proven scientifically, even if his educational credentials were fine and even if his Methods were being used by one of the top institutions in the country among others, one simply shouldn't trust the skills of a Dr. based on the style of website, the fact that he is a Dr. from California and that he has promoted his book in the media?
> >
> > Larry
> I don't want to get too bogged down on this one but yes, the website is a 'selling point' and the media promo smacks of lack of professionalism.
> Before all the Californians are mad at me allow me to qualify that wonderful things come out of CA and a lot of bizarre stuff as well. Permit me my little prejudice.
> I look forward to following Dr. Jensen progress.
> Michele
Sorry to belabor the point Michele but -
Peter Kramer of "Listening to Prozac" fame did an extended media tour to promote his book. Does he seem like someone that lacks professionalism or one that would do harm to his professional standards due to his lack of judgement? Outstanding doctors (lawyers, clergy, etc.)in every field have appeared in media to promote their books (admitededly along with assorted other characters less reputable). Or is the real complaint about *the media* in general?

On a regular basis I've heard of some great and also some very bizarre things come out of New York, Florida, etc, the mid-west like Illinois and Michigan, etc. Or is it that California convienently sits on the *left* coast?

Would the website have been more convincing if it had extensive scientific psychopharmalogical terminology rather than an everyman's language (for me for instance) that was meant to easily explain to everyday sufferers of psychological torment what his method is at least *based* on?

I haven't seen his book yet, but my impression is that if it is used to teach at one of the top mental health institutions in the country, it is more than likely scientifically based and sophisticated to start with. I personally don't need my pdoc, a Dr. or chemist who reads this list, or one from Johns Hopkins for that matter in order to try to convince me otherwise.

I would love to hear any comments though on what substantively (not stylisticaly) does and does not make sense about his method.

I am trying to keep an open mind along with my usually more than a little skepticism.





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