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Re: Effexor and Wellbrutin

Posted by Zannah on December 17, 1999, at 20:04:37

In reply to Effexor and Wellbrutin, posted by Sassy on December 15, 1999, at 13:51:16

> Been reading alot about Celexa, Wellbrutin and
> Effexor. Just got off Celexa, >
> Now taking Effexor, and it makes me sleepy. I
> thought this was suppose to be a stimulating drug.
> Does it make you sleepy at first and then stimulating? I need to keep my thoughts together.

> HI Sassy,
I have spent many days,weeks, & months trying to find an AD that does anything whatsoever to improve my depression, or whatever the hell it is that plagues me.
Celexa was a complete bust-as Adam humorously puts it (about WB)-I might as well have been taking Pez.
I have spent the past 4 months on WellbutrinSR 150, twice daily. After the first 2 wks. on WB, I had 6 miraculous days during which I experienced motivation, clear thinking, elevated mood and ENERGY. Then--nothing--except a 'bit' more energy than usual. Even that faded after a while. I even gained weight on it! I kept taking it b/c I hoped, somehow, that 'good feeling' might come back. I tries to increase to 450 mg., but cd. not tolerate it.
My g.p. gave me a 3 week atarter pack of Effexor, which I began a month ago. One wk. at 37.5 mg., then 2 wks. at 75 mg.& a few days at 112.5mgs. I then got him to prescribe a few more (14), so I cd. give it a decent trial run before nixing it. I (w/out his knowledge) stayed on the WB as well, but kept it down to (1) 150 mg. SR each a.m., then took the Eff. later in the day.
I must say, I ALSO thought Eff. was a stimulating AD, but nothing, not even sleep meds, have ever kicked my arse like the 'Effexor somnolence bomb'.
I cd. not even drive for the first 10 days. I slept 16-20 hrs. a day, when I cd. (Obviously, I am not working at this time).
Other AD's, mostly TCA's had this 'sleeping sickness' effect on me, but, it always abated after 5-6 days. Not the Effexor. I SO wanted it to work! And, after reading so many horror stories about Eff. 'withdrawal', I was really desperate for it to work. I saw my g.p. on Tues., he said, 'nix it' and try Remeron. I told I thought I was probably going to need an actual stimulant plus an AD to get any results. Ihave tried dexedrine (many yrs. ago, not Rx'd) & phentermine ( a diet drug). Both were great for my dep./lack of focus. When I mentioned the phen. to him, he told me I needed a pdoc, which I figured was probably the route I shd. have taken originally.But, I did see a psychologist for a while and was under the care of a neuro (back/spinal probs) & I was able to try many AD's thru their care. I even gave Ritilan a trial run. I got up to 60 mgs. a day. All it did was put me to sleep! (Excessive sleeping, fatigue is probably my most prominent dep. symptom.)

> Wellbrutin sounds like it may be a good additive.
> WB has done wonderfully 'stimulating' things for lots of people. You may be one of them! TRY it!

> I have not experienced joy in many years and look forward to a day that I find something that really works.
That stinks, you deserve better. But, it can be hard work finding the right 'formula'.
My soul wants to experience the pleasures of life, but my mind is too tired and my body doesn't have the energy.
> I've been through the exercise and diet thing for years, but that doesn't do anything.

Sassy,I could have written the above statement myself, word for word. I've had the 'physical' tests & all is in order, except for my brain, of course!
> Would like to hear more on Effexor and Wellbrutin.
> This might be the one for me.

I really hope you have great luck , and please keep us posted. I am on my 2nd day of Effexor weaning. I stopped the WB cold turkey.I have done THAT ONCE BEFORE W/NO ILL EFFECTS. (sorry, caps.)
I am taking about 15 mgs. of Eff. each nite before bed. So far, just nausea, dizzy spells, weakness. Maybe I won't have too rough a time getting off it.
And, after the new year, I'll start the 'shrink search'.

Once again, the very best of luck to you~Zannah




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