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Re: Noa--How's the lithium going?

Posted by Noa on December 17, 1999, at 10:48:12

In reply to Noa--How's the lithium going?, posted by Abby on December 17, 1999, at 9:50:55

Hey, Abby, thanks for asking.

I am on day 15, or perhaps I should say I am starting week 3. Just the past day or two I have noticed a significant improvement. I have started to have more energy and have started doing some work at work. It is hard, because I am still behind, way behind, and it is hard to get myself organized. Getting myself to do some tasks is a bit hard, and I avoid them, but bit by bit I am doing more. I am also staying focused on the essentials at work, rather than taking on anything new. This entails having to say no to colleagues looking for help with various things/projects. Usually it is par for the course to pitch in, but I am able to say that at the moment I need to stick to the basics. Luckily, so far, the colleagues who have asked have been those who are aware of my depression and they are presenting the requests with an option to say no, and are understanding when I do. I am proud of myself for maintaining this boundary. I know that I can loosen the boundary some as I feel better.
My mood is also better. I feel more optimistic, even if in a guarded way.
Last night I suddenly decided to pull together all this stuff I have that I don't need that I have been meaning to give away but haven't had the energy to do so. The impetus was that the radio station I listen to was holding a drive at a local firehouse to collect stuff for a family of 9 (2 parents, 7 children, one of whom died yesterday--not clear if from an unrelated illness or some combo of illness and reaction to fire) who were burned out of house and home. My decision was kind of impromptu and I ran around manically purging, pulling together all manner of household stuff that just takes up space and I don't need or use. The purge felt great. This morning I brought it over early, and it was extremely gratifying. Perhaps it is the pathos of the tragedy, lots of kids, etc. and right before Christmas to boot, but I really got into it. It made me feel good. I got out of my depressive rut temporarily.

So far, today is going well. I am getting stuff done, and meeting with people whom I should have met with weeks ago to coordinate stuff.

We'll see how my mood fares over the weekend. A lot of times it is difficult for me because I hole up in the apartment, which is so messy it does not feel like home. I will try not to isolate myself, but sometimes it is hard for me to get my act together to see people.

The urination and thirst continue, a little less intensely than the first few days at 900 mg. But I find myself catching up on water at night, with an insatiable thirst, and I really should pace it more throughout the day. It is annoying sometimes to have to go so often, especially at night. I tell myself, if the lithium is good, then these adverse effects are tolerable for now, until a new and better treatment comes along.

My cocktail, or as I have started calling it, my "soup" consists of:
375 mg effexor xr in morning
20 mg methylphenidate sr in morning
25 mcg synthroid in morning
12.5 mcg cytomel in morning
300 mg lithium carbonate in morning
(likely to be increased to 600 next week)
20 mg methylphenidate sr at noon
150 mg serzone between 5 and 6 pm
600 mg lithium carbonate at bedtime

Thanks for your post, Abby.




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