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Re: Clonazepam Trial for Social Phobia

Posted by Rick on December 13, 1999, at 2:12:01

In reply to Re: Clonazepam Trial for Social Phobia, posted by Louise on December 12, 1999, at 22:24:21

Louise -

I don't think my phrase "depression prone" was wrong so much as redundant. Anyone with a chronic disorder or illness, be it mental (panic disorder, social phobia) or physical (heart disease, diabetes, Pakinson's) is statistically more likely to have or develop clinical depression. And if you're taking Klonopin, then you certainly have a chronic illness or disorder of some sort. So, in a sense this POTENTIAL side effect of Klonopin is more precisely a "potentiator" than a "cause". And that certainly is a valid consideration (one of many) to throw in the hopper when choosing meds.

From medical journal articles I've read, the general wisdom seems to be that panic sufferers are among the most prone to this potential side effect. Isn't that what you were taking Klonopin for?

Several related ironies:
-- Klonopin is often used short-term to potentiate anti-depressants
-- Depression is listed as a possible side effect
for most anti-depressants. One study of 240
panic sufferers showed a fairly high
incidence of depression as a side-effect of
SSRI's (incidentally, Klonopin did not induce
depression in any of the subjects).
-- Many other drugs list depression as a possible
side effect, including beta blockers and
dopamine agonists used in Parkinson's (and off-
label for psychotropic purposes).

> Rick,
> I'd like to point out that Klonopin doesn't necessarily *encourage* depression in "depression-prone people". By all accounts I've read and every pdoc I've talked with, Klonopin can actually *cause* depression in SOME people. Although I don't take an A/D and never had ongoing depression previously, I developed severe depression while on Klonopin. According to a pdoc whose opinion I respect, the percentage rate for developing depression on Klonopin is fairly high. I'm not trying to scare anyone who wants to try Klonopin because it can work wonders, but if you do try it be aware that depression can be a potential side effect just in case it happens to you.
> Louise
> > I'd stop here, but must add one very important note: Unlike you, I do not suffer from depression. Klonopin alone certainly won't treat depression, and in fact in some depression-prone people may actually *encourage* depression after extended usage. Have you tried Serzone or Manerix (not available in U.S., but doc can order from Canada)? These tend to have fewer side effects, especially sexually and weight-related, although some people find Serzone sedating; have both supposedly shown some degree of benefit for Social Phobia; and can both be used with Klonopin. Also, if you are not sensitive to its side effects (such as dizziness or fatigue -- NOT sexual problems) the GAD med BuSpar is said to be an effective *antidepressant* at high doses (min 60-90 mg). Indeed, there is some anecdotal evidence that HIGH-DOSE BuSpar can help alleviate Social Phobia.
> >
> > Good luck to you.
> >
> > Rick
> > -----
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Have spent the weekend researching new/old meds for my GAD/Social Phobia/Depression. I have tried just about all the SSRI's. Effexor was probably gave me the least amount of effects however if the benefits had been good I would still be on it. I have gone for a long period without medication and am now ready to try again.
> > >
> > > I would sure appreciate info on clonazepam, dosages, effects, withdrawal, long-term use, benefits. I am interested in this one because it is the least upsetting to the system. I am just in no mood to deal with weight gain, dizzyness and all that crap again.
> > >
> > > Thanks guys for your support.
> > >
> > > Michele




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