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Now think about this for a minute

Posted by Bob on December 5, 1999, at 21:02:35

In reply to Re: Perhaps many have thought of the same question:, posted by Adam on December 5, 1999, at 17:38:50

First of all, months back someone posted a URL for a site that discussed the use of ginko in this situation. Luckily, I bookmarked that page ... here again is the URL:

Here in NYC, we got ginko trees all over the place and the last few months they've been dropping their "seeds" all over. Damn, should have grabbed some a brewed up my own, er, snake oil (pardon, again, the vernacularisms). [The reason why NYC has so many Asian trees is that they are the cockroach of the tree world. Haven't changed much in over 200 million years and they're so hard to kill off they'd probably survive a nuclear attack.]

I seem to recall another site with a broader range of suggestions. Just my luck, it's probably this site ... sorry, Dr. B, but Babble takes up so much of my on-line time allotment I hardly ever get the chance to look at the rest of your site that often!

Anyway, back to Viagra.

So it may work on the mechanical aspects. If it worked on libido (my dictionary calls it the sexual urge or instinct), then "desire" shouldn't be a problem either. So, the question remains (for us men, that is ... the women out there in the audience who've had experience with this med might enlighten us on the purported mechanism for your gender), does viagra do more than prime the pump?

Just remember, I haven't seen the inside of a biology class since 1978 and, being trained primarily as a physical scientist, avoided that icky living studies stuff like the plague.

How does aspirin work? You swallow the pills, it gets drawn into your bloodstream, and it gets pumped all over your body, not just to your head. So, there's nothing special about it -- no nanoprobe "Fantastic Voyage" submarine that's going to deliver the whole dose to your headache, right?

So, same would hold true for Viagra, wouldn't it? Now, is the tissue of the penis so specialized that it and only it will respond to the effect of Viagra, dialating capillaries or whatever winds up happening? Or would other tissues wind up being susceptible to the same effect? That sounds painful!

Or does Viagra work by, um, massaging that part of the nervous system responsible for arousal and kick it into overdrive?

No answers here ... I'm just speculating....




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