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Benzo + Acohol = Coma

Posted by Sean on December 1, 1999, at 12:57:15

In reply to Re: Benzo Suggestions Needed, posted by AMY II on November 30, 1999, at 14:35:30

> > If you want a benzo as a sleeping pill, and don't mind addiction, nothing beats Xanax. Except for one night when I was indescribably wired, it would just wipe out all of the competing worries and agitating thoughts like magic and put me right to sleep. But I didn't take it very long, (because it also put me to sleep during the DAY, and didn't help my Social Phobia as intended), so I can't say whether those effects stick around.
> >
> > Also, much literature states that Xanax also has some anti-depressant qualities. (I don't understand why possible depression is sometimes mentioned for Klonopin by monographs and users, because I know that it has some serotonergic properties).
> >
> > I now use Klonopin (and Pindolol) with great success for non-depressive Social. Even though I take the last dose (a small one) at about 4 p.m., I rarely have trouble sleeping as I did pre-Klonopin, although it doesn't knock me out like .5 gr of Xanax would. (Incidentally, after Xanax, nothing puts me to sleep like a BuSpar buzz -- although that's simply a side-effect that hits me especiallly hard -- not an intended use!)
> >
> > Rick
> > ---
> > > Hi everyone. I have an appointment soon with my psychiatrist. I'm just not doing all that well. Been feeling pretty dark actually. Anyway, of all the things I've tried with my Prozac, the one thing that has always remained constant was the Remeron for sleep. I am beginning to wonder if its effects in blocking certain receptors is somehow actually getting in the way of other meds working fully. Maybe that's far-fetched, maybe not. All I know for sure is it hasn't helped my depression in a long time. I feel like it gives great sleep at best, and hinders antidepressant therapy at worst. I want to take Remeron out of the mix.
> > >
> > > Not sure what else we'll do. Maybe add Effexor. Maybe add a TCA. But sleep is the issue of this post. I want a med that will allow good sleep without blocking any serotonin receptors. I am aware of benzo addiction risks, but I am going to try to talk my pdoc into letting me use one for sleep.
> > >
> > > Can anyone help with feedback on their favorite or worst benzos? Research I've done seems to favor Xanax. But I'm looking for feedback to disucss with my pdoc. Thanks everyone. JohnL
> You know I took ativan which I swear by it and I drank on that and drank while taking ativan 1mg twice a day and 100mg of zoloft everyday. Is there some kind of danger or something with mixing alcohol and benzos? I had no effects and drank heavily.. Doon't want to kill myself though. My pharmacist said the reason why they put do not drink alcohol labels on antidepressants and benzos is because they can't condone mixing alcohol and prescription drugs but she knew of no effects of drinking while taking it. They just can't recommend it. Feed back?


Benzos and alcohol are a bad, bad, mix. There are
many cases of people dying from valium and alcohol.
In fact, benzos + alcohol is such a nasty mix that
I've seen this combo suggested on euthanasia web

Alcohol + an AD that cause some sedation is not as
bad as benzos, but the CNS depression is additive,
so you'll be a lightweight drinker...




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