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Re: Nutrition(my experience, & what I've read)

Posted by CarolAnn on November 29, 1999, at 19:48:38

In reply to Nutrition, posted by Noa on November 29, 1999, at 16:32:49

I will *attempt* to keep this as brief as possible(probably won't succeed!)

I have always been a reader, and when I read nonfiction, I always choose health related or medical material. In fact, a couple of friends call "Dr." Carol when they need info on medicines(what to take for what), injuries, medical procedures, nutrition, ect.
So, I feel pretty confidant in replying to your post, Noa. Supplements: I understand the feeling of not wanting to take any type of nutritional supplement, but in *all* the literature I have seen on good nutrition it has been stated that there is no way possible to get every single nutrient we need strictly from food, for example: Fish oil-in order to get the amount of omega 3 fatty acids our bodies need, you would have to eat a *minimum* of a quarter pound of fish(and it must be cold water fish-expensive & fattening) at a minimum of four times a week. It is especially hard for women to get all their nutrients from food alone. for example: iron and folic acid, which is so necessary for having a healthy baby and is so scarce in most foods, that the bread companies are being mandated to supplement their breads with folic acid(which all women of childbaring age should be taking *well* before any pregnancy in order to protect the child from spina bifida.).
You are right though about all those "health" nazi's out there. You can go nuts trying to take everything that is "highly" recommended for optimum health! I have spent literally hundreds of dollars on every herb imaginable that the "experts" claimed would boost energy.
My advise is this, don't waste money on a nutritionist, they can't tell you anything that you can't learn in a book. Instead of trying to get it all in one huge confusing book though, start with *current* information on specific supplements. Also, doctors, nutritionists, and natural healers, are of the "all or nothing" school. Trying to do it "all" will only confuse and discourage you.
Here is how I "evolved" my current supplement regimen. I chose specific supplements for specific things that I felt were lacking in my diet. I do take fishoil capsules(five 2000mg capsules per day) giving me just over the recommended(recently)9.3 grams of omega 3 fatty acids required to effect depression and also cardiovascular health. I take a generic version of Centrum multivitamins, because my research has found that they are most complete, as well as deriving a large amount of their vitamin A from beta-carotene,which is excreted if excess occurs(lessening chances of vitamin A overdose,which is almost deadly!). I take Calcium & Vitamin E, which are both on the list of nutrients that are not found in sufficient amounts in food alone(unless,for calcium,you take in *alot* of dairy).
So, I take three vitamin/mineral supplements each morning as well as three fishoil a.m. and two p.m.
Is it helping? I truly think it would if I could stop eating so much sugar and fat. Which brings me to my experience that when I eat a balanced(any library can find you the "balanced diet" food pyramid-the national standard.), low-fat, diet I do seem to remember(it's been so long ago) that I really did feel better both physically and emotionally. I wouldn't say *well* but definitely better.
Sorry, I couldn't manage brief!CarolAnn




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