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Re: Psychiatric drugs: Poison or panacea?

Posted by saint james on November 27, 1999, at 0:43:54

In reply to Psychiatric drugs: Poison or panacea?, posted by Ali on November 24, 1999, at 23:55:49

The essence of this book, and of others he's written, as well as of a whole movement on the internet, seems to be that ALL psychiatric drugs are not only not helpful, they are harmful and should NEVER be used.

James here....

The amount of people who are helped is huge so this statement is illogical. No one says these meds are perfict and my doc is always asking if my meds are of benifit and what downsides/sideeffects I am having. But to say all meds for mentally ill are bad is hogwash and has no scientific basis. I'm tired of interviews with MD's who say things like "Prozac can make you manic or Ritalin looks like cocaine chemically. The public latches on to this soundbite but does not have the knowlage that any AD's can make bi polar's go manic and in uni polor this effect is rare. In the cases of people really going off the end on an AD (and some that maded it to trial) most were more ill than realized (and many hid past attempts on their life or hospitalazations)
serotonin and nor-e look like LSD and other psychedelic drugs, in fact many chemicals resemble other chems, but have different effect.
It pisses me off when a scientist (with an agenda) pulls facts w/o giving full context. I am speaking generally here, as i have not read this specific book.

In a funny twist of fate, we can thank the invention of anti psychotics (PHENOTHIAZINE's) for many of the homeless we have today in the USA. With the advent of antiphotics the hospitals emptyed. The insane were rendered sane buy these meds and now could function in the real world.
Some had support sustems (or money) to make sure they stayed on meds but many did not have this support. Today they live on the streets and if they are brought in by the police for being a nuisance, they are back on meds at the sanity hearing. They are ordered to take their meds and social services is to verify this. Social services can't be at their home everyday at pill taking time so they fall thru the cracks. Those of you in big cities know these people well, some with tin foil under their hats. They are called schizophrenics, who, on their anti psychotic meds
can be sane and functional for the most part.

On this list there are many who are not doing well on their present meds abd are searching for knowlage on their condition generally and the meds used. Without the understanding that there are millions of people doing well on their meds (I'm like this) a persom viewing this site could
reason that meds don't work. I 'm just glad there is a place people can go to get info, even if they are not doing well on their meds. I have been on AD's since 1985, always tweeking the dose, which in me changes from time to time. I go thru breakthru depression every 5 years or so, but have always recovered with a change of dose or med. I am a happy camper 355 days of the year, we all have our crappy days !) My great doc and I have worked to find a combo that does not flatten the affect or make one feel flat so I do well and know many others that do well too. At least for those that are having med trouble there is a place where they can learn info so they become a partner with their doc in the treatment of their condition.





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