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Re: DHEA for depression

Posted by andrewb on November 24, 1999, at 15:29:10

In reply to DHEA for depression, posted by andrewb on November 16, 1999, at 15:32:16

DHEA poses health risks at high doses because it converts to the sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. Perhaps a safe alternative is 7-keto DHEA, a natural metabolite of DHEA. It is touted as providing the benefits of DHEA, but unlike DHEA, it doesn't convert to the sex hormones testosterone and estrogens. It is available in health food stores. The following is an artical taken off the web.

7-KETO: A Better Way To Take DHEA?
Natural variant of anti-aging supplement appears to be safer and stronger
By the editors of

A steroidal hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) has been the subject of rampant rumors alleging miraculous
anti-aging effects. These rumors, based largely on animal research, were fueled by two recent studies led by Dr. Arlene
Morales. The studies indicated that DHEA improved physical and psychological well being in older persons. The results of
these studies, however, had not been seen in recent follow-up research.

DHEA has been the subject of thousands of animal studies and a few studies in humans, suggesting potential health benefits
in diabetes, immunity and cancer. In most cases these possible benefits have not been demonstrated in human clinical trials.
As Dr. Morales explained in a recent review of DHEA research, "...the inapplicability of this data to humans is not
appreciated, as the physiology of adrenal androgens in humans and a few primates is unique." And despite some marketers'
claims there is no proof that DHEA enhances longevity, sex drive or weight control, or that it prevents heart disease, cancer,
osteoporosis, colds and flu.

Also, DHEA may have a dark side. By facilitating internal production of testosterone and estrogen, supplemental DHEA
could accelerate the growth of undetected prostate or breast tumors. Studies have shown higher levels of DHEA - and
estrogens made from it - in people with breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

Still, the benefits seen in animal studies and the two small studies indicating improved physical and psychological
wellbeing have made DHEA a hot consumer commodity. This has left many people in a quandary, wanting the potential
preventive health and anti-aging benefits of DHEA, but dissuaded by reports of its potential dangers.

Potential Benefits of 7-KETO DHEA
According to Henry Lardy, PhD, of the National Academy of Sciences, 7-KETO DHEA offers the potential benefits of DHEA
without the risks. 7-KETO DHEA is a natural metabolite, also called conversion product, of DHEA. Once DHEA is converted
to the 7-KETO form it can no longer be used to make the sex hormones that present cancer risks.

In preliminary studies on animals, 7-Keto DHEA stimulates the immune system, prevents muscle loss (anti-catabolic),
reduces stress, increases the calorie-burning rate by activating thermogenic liver enzymes and improves memory more than
DHEA or a placebo. Monkeys infected with the simian version of HIV displayed weight gain, a five-fold increase in T-cell
counts and improvement in overall behavior and clinical condition.

Is 7-KETO DHEA safe?
Short and long-term safety studies show 7-KETO DHEA is not mutagenic. That means it has not damaged the DNA in rats and
monkeys, and it has no other adverse effects, even at milligram/body weight doses up to 70 times the recommended dose for
humans, which is 50 mg a day.

One 28-day human safety trial has been completed. It confirmed that 7-KETO DHEA does not raise levels of sex or other
hormones or affect blood and urine chemistry, at doses of up to 200 mg per day. It cannot convert to estrogens or
testosterone, so it cannot promote prostate enlargement or cancer, breast tumors and other sex hormone effects that may
occur with DHEA supplementation.




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