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Re: Daughter's inapropriate sexual behavior

Posted by Elizabeth on October 26, 1999, at 21:40:36

In reply to Re: Daughter's inapropriate sexual behavior, posted by Diane on October 23, 1999, at 12:37:56

Ahh. "Children's rights," Hillary Clinton style. "Freedom from" rather than "freedom to." That's *so* 15 years ago!


As far as I can tell, the only problem with "internet addiction" (really more of a bad habit than a true addiction) is that it takes up lots of time and distracts you from your work!

> You need to somehow gain her friendship.

Forcing her into therapy, cutting her off of the 'net, "getting the police involved," and telling her she's degraded herself. What terrific ways to gain her friendship.

(That was dripping with sarcasm, in case you can't tell.)

> She needs someone
> who is not going to shame her further than she has already done her self. Someone
> who respects her as a fellow human being (not as an insignificant 14 yr old).

Someone who respected her as a human being rather than as an "insignificant 14 yr old" would not interfere with her personal autonomy.

> I'm sure she is feeling shame. Shame will clam a person up tighter than S-200 glue.

Perhaps because her own *mother* is sending her the message that she has "degraded" herself by engaging in sexual talk on the internet????

> Seems to me that being that your husband is in the medical field he should be able to
> get her EXCELLENT help.

...or he'd be able to realize that there's nothing pathological about her behavior.

> I am surprised that having the Police involved didn't wake her up! Whew!
> What did the Police do anyway? Did they track down the 18yr old boy?

What crime would he be guilty of?

> Is she sexually active? or is this strictly keyboard weirdness?
> In other words does she really know what the heck she is talking (typing) about?
> Where is she getting all her ideas? She must have some sort of real life experience.

Umm, I dunno about you, but I learned about sex long before I ever inserted tab A in slot B.

(Perhaps she learned on the internet? I bet her mother never discussed sex with her.)

> She's got big problems if she is. She needs friends, friends,
> friends right now.

I agree. She needs some support, not the invalidation that she has been getting. (I mean, the police? Jeez.)

> Get her away from the keyboard.
> Get her some kind of under the table job (I know she's under age but I'm sure in a
> small town something can be worked out). Having a job will make her feel worthy
> especially if she is not doing well in school or is a loner, depressed etc. It will improve
> her all the way around.

Gigi said her daughter is artistic. Perhaps she could make some good money in web page design.

> How about hormones? Over active ones. Have some blood test taken.

*All* teenagers have overactive hormones.

> Is she into drugs? Ecstasy(MDMA) that's a sex drug right?

Actually MDMA is an empathogen. It usually makes sex difficult, I believe (although people tend to get touchy-feely on it in a nonsexual way).

> Introduced me to
> nature, health, myself, others, all kinds of other things.

I think that experimenting with cybersex could introduce one to nature, health, oneself, others, and all kinds of other things as well. Not to put down backpacking or anything, that's good too. It's all good.

> I know that is just a temporary diversion but who knows what she might get out of it.

Poison oak?

> Invest in some content blocking software (CyberPatrol© and NetNanny©, SurfWatch)
> There's all kinds out there. Ask your local school board what they use.

"This web site content free for your protection."

(I think Paul already provided a pointer to the Censorware Project site.)




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