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Re: Books

Posted by Elizabeth on November 8, 1999, at 0:48:00

In reply to Re: Books, posted by Tom on November 7, 1999, at 21:29:50

> No, as an expert witness.

Arguably he is something less than expert when it comes to psychopharmacotherapy.

> Its funny when Eli Lilly brings an elephant gun to the court room to shoot a mouse. Their behavior in these cases against Breggin and others who have been destroyed by Prozac is just reprehensible. Ely was only interested in destroying more people in court at the expense of people whose lives were already destroyed by their drug.

This is rather impressionistic, though I would love to hear some specific examples (sounds rather juicy, in fact).

> Uh, no, it had nothing to do with anything else. After reading other people's accounts of what seriously went wrong with them while taking Prozac, it was comforting to not be alone. Lets just say I'm 100% certain about what Prozac's cause-effect relationship did to me.

You give me little reason to believe that it was or that it wasn't.

> I became suicidal on Prozac. I had no other history of suicidal ideation up to that point. I believe the statistics are 3 in 100 that you may have a adverse reaction resulting in suicidal ideation on Prozac.

Where did you hear this statistic? I will be glad to take a look.

> These may be acceptable results if one was looking at the greater good that Prozac and meds in general provide, but 99% of the doctors prescribing these meds would never warn you about this nor admit that it can happen.

I think that this sort of event might be due to akathisia in a number of cases. It's been suggested that propranolol (which is used to treat extrapyramidal effects from neuroleptics) could help.

> I doubt I could find it. Don't really care to either.

Suit yourself.

> Well, I remembered. Not sure why. Maybe because you come off as an expert on this site to many posters, but it my personal belief you are asking people to expend too much energy on the medical answer.

Do you have any idea what led you to form this impression?

I don't think I come off as an "expert." I certainly never have claimed to be anything of the sort.

> I think the pendulum has swung to far to meds.

Well, you have a vendetta; of course you think that. (Note: this is the same kind of thinking as "the drug company funded this study, so the results don't really mean anything.")

> I'm not looking for a scapegoat. My suffering came as a result of deep emotional pain that I couldn't face up to. I was told medicine had all the answers to my problems. Medicine almost ruined me. Medicine is still in the ice ages when it comes to mental illness in my opinion. The real healing lies inside each one of us today. We're all terribly frightened to choose that route first...

Maybe not the ice ages, but perhaps the middle ages. Anyway, I've never told anyone who had some specific life problem, memory, or situation that had led them to feel bad that they should rely on medication alone. I don't believe they -- you -- should. I also don't believe that anyone here is relying exclusively on medication; if nothing else, it takes a very strong person to repair the damage that psych disorders can wreak on one's life. It's hard to exorcise a demon that isn't there, though; for many of us, there is no uncaring mother to blame, no trauma to work through, no nice neat wound to stitch.




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