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Re: Remeron and sleep (Lots of it!) and OCD-Anon

Posted by Adam on November 7, 1999, at 17:02:54

In reply to Re: Remeron and sleep (Lots of it!) and OCD , posted by Anon E. Mouse on November 7, 1999, at 9:55:52

I also had extremely vivid dreams while taking mirtazapine. I even would find myself beginning to dream while drifting into
sleep, and would start hearing voices and feeling presences that were not actually there. I even think I may have seen things
that weren't there too. I thought it was fun, but I can see how this would be frightening. OK, this is really embarassing, but
I also started sleepwalking. On one occasion I guess I got up to go pee and didn't quite find the right room. I had to be
informed of this by my horrified roomates. I think the term for the former phenomenon is "hypnagogic hallucinations", and the latter
effect could be due to dysregulation of the reticular activating system (RAS), a portion of the medulla that's supposed to keep us from
from doing goofy things like this while asleep. I first heard about this stuff because my sister was a major sleepwalker until she
hit puberty, and would often experience unusual things while going to sleep or waking up. I never had similar experiences until I
started taking mirtazapine. Since serotonin is involved in regulating the RAS, the combined sedative and serotonergic effects of
maybe brought out a genetic predisposition that was manifested in my sister without drugs.

I guess I lucked out in some ways because my dreams were always, um, really pleasurable, and positively cinematic. I would wake up
and just have to say "WOW!", they were that cool.

I don't seem to dream at all on selegiline, or if I do, I don't remember them. I do miss the dreams, but not the sedation that went
along with them.

> Hey -
> I just started Remeron. As many of you have mentioned, it has made me incredibly tired. Kind of reminds me of having mono. Or sort of like being sick when I was really young. I have only been awake about 4 hours each of the past two days.
> Anyway, if the sleepiness lifts soon, I will let you guys know if Remeron works. I am also taking Effexor XR and Buspar.
> One nice thing: I rather like having my old appitite back again. On Effexor, I never really had a desire to eat, even though I knew I had to fill my belly.
> Also, I've been having all sorts of crazy dreams on Remeron. I'd classify most of them in the nightmare catagory. Isn't this stuff supposed to make me less scared of things?




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