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Re: Books

Posted by Tom on November 5, 1999, at 13:52:43

In reply to Re: Books, posted by Elizabeth on November 4, 1999, at 23:58:59

> > If you had the displeasure of reading some of my horror story posts in the past then you would know why I am recommending that you also read, for the sake of balance (all life must have balance, you can look it up), TALKING BACK TO PROZAC, by Peter Breggin.
> That's a bad reason to recommend it. (A good reason might be "for your amusement.")
> As it happens, I have a medication horror story or two, myself, but I don't go around hysterically condemning medications as a whole. Peter Breggin, who I suspect has never even taken the things himself, does.
> If you actually want information, find a well written, honest book that takes a stance for reasons other than emotional or financial ones. If you want to learn about what antidepressants (and other psych drugs) actually do, Schatzberg & Nemeroff is about the most comprehensive volume I can think of. The contributors to this volume certainly are not shy about discussing the adverse effects of these medications, in a *balanced* way. The writing is not so much from a "pro-medication" stance, as from a stance of simply spreading information. (In particular, there's a nice discussion of the "do antidepressants ever cause suicidal ideation?" issue on pages 717-8.) The contributors *don't* make sweeping claims about all antidepressants being bad (or good) in all circumstances. The same cannot be said for Dr. Breggin, who seems (from his writing and from the one time I heard him speak, at least) to have a very black-and-white world view.
> > I'm sure Elizabeth will get terribly annoyed by my recommendation, but I consider the book essential reading for anyone taking an AD. It is not wise to stick your head in the sand and ignore both sides of any argument, especially one as critical as mental health.
> (Flattered that you saw fit to single me out, Tom.)
> I don't consider this an argument with just two sides, but there are extremists on both sides. Breggin and his kind are at best laughable and at worst dangerous.


Breggin defends people in court who have become suicidal and murderous on Prozac and have ruined their own lives and the lives of others because of Prozac. You may think thats not true, but it almost happened to me. I believe the man has more courage than a thousand doctors put together. But that doesn't make him dangerous in my opinion. I believe he is an essential voice in today's slanted medical view on mental illness. Breggin is helping the pendulum swing back. And for the work he does on behalf of those who have been ruined by the medicinal approach leads me to believe that he should not be ignored.

Additionaly, the only thing I remember about you and Breggin in your previous postings was your petty personal attack regarding his presentation style. Otherwise I think your posts have been forgettable for me (I know other people love your posts; you appear to be a valuable resource for alot of readers). But that is something I didn't forget about you. I couldn't care less if Breggin spoke Chinese and I couldn't understand a word he spoke, as long as his message got across. There is nothing laughable or dangerous about him in my opinion.

You may also think I'm from the Church of Scientology or some other radical group. That would be wrong. 20 years of mental illness and 15-20 psychiatric drugs later still haven't changed my opinion about Breggin.

Best regards,





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