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Re: Hypoglycemia???

Posted by Racer on November 3, 1999, at 16:25:10

In reply to Re: Hypoglycemia???, posted by Anon E. Mouse on November 3, 1999, at 10:41:06

> Racer -
> Thanks for your helpful response! Would it be overstepping my bounds to ask if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
> I'm pretty sure that I am not diabetic (although not positive). Would I be able to have the symptoms of low blood sugar with untreated diabetes?
> I just thought of the hypoglycemia thing the other day. Whenever I don't eat for a while I get dizzy, and tired. My hands shake. I feel lightheaded. Sometimes I have to lie down. If I then eat, it takes a cou[le of hours to fully recover. I haven't done anything about diet yet. When I feel dizzy like that, I usually try to eat a lot of sugar really fast... Then I'll usually get a craving for something more like real food (maybe something salty too).

Well, you remember that joke about 'Doctor, it hurts when I do this'? Don't do that! If you have to eat on a schedule, eat on a schedule. Meanwhile, don't confuse transient low blood sugar from not eating with chronic hypoglycemia which is usually a result of abnormal insulin utilization. And when you don't eat, and subsequently feel weak, don't go for the sugar. That's asking for additional problems. You're begging for worse problems doing that. Eat somehting with a mix of protein and slow carbs, like a sandwich...

> When I have any amount of blood drawn, I almost p[ass out.

That sounds more like anxiety. Having blood drawn doesn't change your blood sugar. If enough is taken, it can cause your blood pressure to drop, but passing out when any blood at all is taken sounds like anxiety, not diabetes.

> But do you guys think these symptoms (which may or may not even be hypoglycemia) have anything to do with a severe depression with many mood swings?

I'd say there is certainly a connection, but my guess is that it's less a case of your physical symptoms causing your mood problems, than your mood either causing you to bring on your physical problems (by not eating), or your being more aware of the problems because of your mood. As I believe I suggested before, if you really believe this is an issue, keep a diary of what you eat, your mood, and your blood sugar readings. Your doctor is going to want to see something like that anyway, why not see if you see something first?

> By the way, Racer, what is a glucometer?

A glucometer checks for the level of glucose in your blood. Generally, the aim is for 100mg/DL.

Does it involve needles?

Yes. You have to have some blood in order to test some blood.

Don't they have some kind of a watch that measures bblod sugar?

If they do, and I haven't heard of one, it is likely to be very expensive. The test strips themselves are expensive enough. Considering the expense of testing through low tech means, using actual blood, the thought of a non-bloodletting device is nice, but unlikely to be economical.

Here's a hint, kiddo, don't start worrying about your blood sugar until/unless you find some clear evidence that it's a problem. You don't like the idea of needles? Neither do I. You know what? It doesn't matter. I have to stick myself a dozen or more times a day. My fingertips are bruised and look like pin cushions from testing my blood sugar. Half the time, the answers I get are wrong: too high or too low. When that happens, it's not as easy as trying to "eat a lot of sugar really fast..." And I could make a wrong decision about this and die. Cease to exist. Not a lot of fun.

You sound a little young to me, and I'm going to give you some advice. I wouldn't have listened to it either, but that won't stop me: Eat. Eat healthy foods, on a regular schedule. You know, that nice, balanced meal thing. Do that EVERY day. You know why? Aside from everything else, you are starving your brain. You wonder what effect that has on moods? Gee, if you can't think straight because you're in the middle of starving to death, well, gee, think that might alter your view of the world?

Now, go forth and be hungry no more...
> Thanks again for the help guys!!




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