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Re: Hypoglycemia???

Posted by Anon E. Mouse on November 3, 1999, at 10:41:06

In reply to Re: Hypoglycemia???, posted by Racer on November 2, 1999, at 20:12:59

Racer -
Thanks for your helpful response! Would it be overstepping my bounds to ask if you have diabetes or hypoglycemia?
I'm pretty sure that I am not diabetic (although not positive). Would I be able to have the symptoms of low blood sugar with untreated diabetes?
I just thought of the hypoglycemia thing the other day. Whenever I don't eat for a while I get dizzy, and tired. My hands shake. I feel lightheaded. Sometimes I have to lie down. If I then eat, it takes a cou[le of hours to fully recover. I haven't done anything about diet yet. When I feel dizzy like that, I usually try to eat a lot of sugar really fast... Then I'll usually get a craving for something more like real food (maybe something salty too).
Once after not eating, and mildly exerting myself, I was about to pass out to the point that my legs gave out, and I hit my knee caps hard on the ground. Somehow I was able to get to some apple juice.
When I have any amount of blood drawn, I almost p[ass out. Once everything started going white.
But do you guys think these symptoms (which may or may not even be hypoglycemia) have anything to do with a severe depression with many mood swings? I haven't noticed a corrolation between my eating (or lack thereof) and my symptoms. But who knows with these things....
By the way, Racer, what is a glucometer? Does it involve needles? Don't they have some kind of a watch that measures bblod sugar?

Thanks again for the help guys!!

> A lot of people who claim to be hypoglycemic are not. That's the first thing you have to keep in mind. They may feel weak, or dizzy or something if they get too hungry, but hypoglycemia is more than that.
> Yes, hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia can cause a lot of the symptoms of depression, and usually someone who is suffering uncontrolled diabetes/hypoglycemia/whatever will have some mood issues, too.
> If you really think that's a problem, go get a glucometer, keep a diary of your blood sugar for one month, with a diary of *everything* you eat, when you eat it, the readings before you eat, the readings about an hour after you eat, and your mood. Take that diary to your doctor, and see what he/she says. It's not only having your blood sugar fall once in a while, but a pattern of lows that shows hypoglycemia rather than an anomolous low reading.
> On the other hand, if you find that you have a problem, controlling it may help the depression. I know that I have major mood problems when my blood sugar starts falling out of its usual control.




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