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Re: Renewtrient

Posted by andrewb on November 1, 1999, at 10:29:50

In reply to Renewtrient, posted by Ray on October 31, 1999, at 6:40:11

> Does any body know anything about Renewtrient for sleep, can it be taken with effexor.

Renewtrient can be used to get a restful sleep, but beware, its use has many potential hazards. Renewtrient when ingested is converted by the body to gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). This is a substance that has gained some notoriety due to deaths that have been associated with it. It is used on the party scene as a euphoriant. The effect a person gets is very much dose dependent. A little too much and a person will quite suddenly pass out, whether they are at a bar partying or behind the wheel of a car. Because of this property it has been used as a date rape drug--- it is slipped in a drink and the poor girl doesnít know what hit her. The worst problems with GHB occur when it is mixed with alcohol, many deaths have been reported due to this combination. Both alcohol and GHB are CNS depressants and in combination can cause the cessation of vital functions. No surprise then that GHB has been banned from sale in numerous states. Renewtrient and other analogs have been formulated and marketed to get around these legal restrictions.
GHB is used in Europe as an anesthetic, for withdrawal from alcohol and one or two other uses. But can it be used for to help poor sleep? Certainly the internet sites that sell the substance claim that it is well suited for this use but what they say must be taken with a grain of salt. According to a post at this site made about 6 months ago, GHB is being studied in the US for use with people with narcolepsy. GHB seems to help not only with the onset of sleep but also with the quality of sleep. According to a study done in the US with patients having fibromyalgia, GHB increases slow wave sleep and decreases the severity of alpha (wave) anomaly. This makes GHB very different from barbituates which tend to interfere with sleep quality.
Does this mean GHB and Renewtrient should be taken for serious sleep problems? Whatever you decide, note the following cautions:
1) You canít be awoken when under GHB. If there is a fire or a child needs your help, forget it.
2) GHB has a rather short half life and after about 4 hours of sleep a person will wake usually. My personal experience was that I awoke with a start, fully awake in seconds. The only way to get back to sleep is to take another dose and wait until it takes effect.
3) I donít believe long term studies have been done on the safety of daily usage of GHB.
4) Iím concerned that people who have trouble sleeping due to sleep apnea may endanger themselves by taking GHB. Remember GHB puts you in a sleep from which you canít be awoken. Could a person with sleep apnea suffocate while on GHB?
5) People with depression tend to be invigorated rather than sedated by GHB. For such people GHB wonít help with sleep.
6) GHB can be abused. I started using GHB in a single daily dose and ended up using it continuously throughout the day. Iíve read accounts of the same thing happening to others. I never had been addicted to drugs but I became dependent on GHB. Truly the most horrific time of my life was a hallucinatory episode I experienced while on GHB. This pushed me into quitting GHB--- but it was a truly grueling drug withdrawal. A tip to the wise, if you take GHB, never exceed the recommended dosage, never take more than two doses per day.




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