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Re: Drugs and Drugs

Posted by Sean on October 27, 1999, at 17:25:02

In reply to Drugs and Drugs, posted by Adam on October 26, 1999, at 22:40:01

> I've not seen such a thread here, the subject came up, and, well
> I'm one who likes things on the table. I will not judge, and do
> not expect to be judged. I do wish to get a useful discussion
> going.
> So, a friend asked me if I would like to try ecstacy, otherwise
> known as MDMA. Not even thinking of potential drug interactions,
> I said I would think about it, and then, considering I am in a
> drug study and the impact of any psychactives on that study, declined.
> Out of curiosity, I did some research online, for future reference,
> and discovered that it would have been a REALLY BAD idea for me to
> have done X on an MAOI. MDMA is a potent sympathomimetic acting
> on both the dopamine (less so) and serotonin (very much so) systems.
> The result of such a combination could well have been lethal. What
> I found through my research was the potentiation of LOTS of things
> by MAOIs, with some very disturbing potential outcomes. One thing
> that stood out in my mind was the quantitative and qualitative
> intensification of hallucinogens, with people describing all kinds of
> horrific experiences.
> The only substance I use, really, is beer. I have very infrequently
> tried other things, and am generally open to such experiences if I feel
> it is reasonably safe. I might have eschewed X under any circumstances
> given its inherent risks, but other things are less clearly harmful,
> and the potential for interactions less obvious. I probably will stay
> away from any and all illicit substances for good, given my low
> tolerance for psychic pain, but others might be inclined to experiment
> anyway.
> I don't want to encourage drug use or discourage it. But maybe some
> would like a forum to discuss frankly the use of all these interesting
> chemicals, and how they might interact with, A) Our illness, and B) the
> other drugs we are using to combat it.
> Like I said, the issue came up, and I figured it could be relevant to
> some.

Not that I have, ahem, any personal experience in
any of this mind you, but semi-reliable sources on
the streets tell me the following:

(1) SSRI's are good with marijuana and mushrooms
in addition to being neuroprotective with
MDMA. They interfere with the action of MDMA
however, and since MDMA is a known serotonergic
toxin, people with potential problems in this
part of their brain should stay away from e.

(2) TCA's are not so hot with alcohol, speed, and
e. With pot, TCA's result in a case of cottonmouth
from which one may never recover...

(3) Long term use of SSRI's and MAOI's can mitigate
the effect of LSD.

(4) GABA-ergic drugs (benzos/hypnotics) and any
kind of downer (GHB, alcohol, heroin) is a
*really* bad idea. Marijuana is usually ok.




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