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Re: "just anxiety"

Posted by AMY II on October 20, 1999, at 11:10:13

In reply to Re: "just anxiety", posted by Noa on October 19, 1999, at 20:21:28

> Elizabeth, you are apparently on line right now. I hope you noticed the quotes around "just". YOu are absolutely correct about the right to adequate care. But I guess I was reacting to the fact that treating Amy's symptoms as anxiety wasn't working and I was assuming that meant it was something else. Presumptuous assumption, sure. Either way, she is in such discomfort and needs care asap. And a second opinion about both diagnosis and treatment.

Hello everyone. Thank you for your input. I think maybe another reasonwhy i might not be taken seriously is because i can still talk and listen and have all my reflexes. They do a neurological exam and i pass everytime. I had a horrific nightmare last night. It doesnt seem normal at all. there was a girl tied to abed and a guy with a knife to her throat she already had a cut on her neck and he was asking her to admit something and she wasnt saying anything and he took a huge chunk of skin right beneath her chin it was membrany very vivid. She wouldnt answer him still so he took the knife and slit her nose. and pressed the knife so far into her nose there was blood puddling on her face. you couldnt even recognize her. I really feel if i keep posting everything that is happening to me there might be a way to find a pattern of something going on. From the time a first posted on here with my problem til now. I cant manage to find my first post though. I want ot print it all out and give it to my therapist. I am seeing a new one on November 2nd that is as soon as they could get me in. I went to the opthamologist yesterday. I have 20/20 vision and they dialated my eyes and looked in them and he couldnt see a thing wrong with them so my eyes are fine. It is not my eyes that is doing this. I guess i have to act insane before they will listen huh? I hate these dreams. I hate feeling like my head is going to fall off my shoulders. I just want to drink to make it go away. I am not a hundred percent but when i drink 90 percent of the time i feel better. It effects me differently than it use to though. I swear, this is the case of all cases. I bet you guys just cant wait to see what comes of this. I wish they would hurry up already. I hate that the docotrs lok at me and go well you seem fine. I had one ER doctor tell me that I have obsessive compulsive disorder. what a joke. He would be obsessed with getting a doc to listen to him too if he felt this way. I dont want ot go back to the er The hospital is just right up the road from where i live and i have frequented that place so much since this has all started. They have a file on me now at the ER and everytime I go they say you have panic disorder to me. Or " i think you have anxiety." If ativan helps we will put you on that and then go see your therapist. Geese. How i manage to get up in the morning and find a will to live is beyond me. My kids, my boyfriend. How can I be a good mother and girlfriend going on like this. I cant believe that this has been six months and these frickin docs havent done more for me. Oh here is some zoloft ill see you in a month. Or " you need to calm down you are having an anxiety attack right now just breathe" says my medical doc. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Could and MRI change evrything? If they do an MRI and it comes back normal then does that mean thats it? Just see my pychiatrist(sp) from now on? How do i get them to do an MRI? They dont think it is necessary if you can believe that one. Maybe I should see a female therapist. No offense to the guys. Just because she might be more sympathetic to what is happening to me. Thanks for being there for me guys, again any info comforts me however weird that may sound. It feels good to just know that someone is listening. Hanging on, AMY II




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