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Re: Nothing helps

Posted by Danielle on February 17, 1999, at 14:51:10

In reply to Re: Nothing helps , posted by Stuuvert on February 15, 1999, at 16:37:45

If this thing eats my post again...over an hour last night - gone.
Firstly, I'm sorry to hear you have been so down the last month. I was afraid that something like that was the case. Actually, I was a little afraid you'd gone ahead and had your brain messed around with. Not that I don't understand the temptation.
Yes, I know I haven't given many details and I will do so now. I copied your postings and am taking them to my doc Thurs. He is a good guy and good doc but he doesn't have a clue to what's going on either. So, so you can have something to take to your doc, too, here you are:
1. Music has been around at least 3 years...that's in the forefront of my head. I remember periods of torture where things got stuck in my head before that. If not music, then eights or fours usually. If I do manage to repress both for minute or two, then I hear sounds as words...squish, plunk, pop...potentially more deadly than the other two phenomena. It goes on all day and all night, unrelenting. There are some pieces of music that show up regularly. I can change the piece usually, not always, but I can never turn it off. It's thinking, it's not 'hearing'.
2. Dreams: sometimes a word or scene replays itself in my thoughts all night.
3. Migraines: 30+ years, since HS. They're nasty things.
4. Insomnia: since childhood, also a nasty thing to cope with
5. Depression: seems like forever but just got to the point I had to ask for help 3 years ago
6. OCD: mild tendencies - contamination fears,counting, repeating words, since childhood...enough to drive my family crazy growing up and my husband now
7.Currently: Wellbutrin 150, Paxil 60, Carbotrol 300 (x2), Estratest HS, Synthroid .1, Nadolol 20, Estrace 2, Parlodel 2.5, Seroquel 25
Don't know if you're girl or guy but if you're a girl you'll recognize some of those as girl meds. Your doc will in any case.
8. I have recently become aware of a tendency for it to get worse at the same time as migraines start coming on in threes and fours. I think maybe when headaches subside for a while, the noise is quieter again. (still more, much more, than irritation)
9. Did Bob's Sub-C checklist - scored real high
I haven't given up. I just do that when I'm tired or when it quiets a little bit. When it gets bad, instinct takes over and I fight. I hope the same is for you. Wellbutrin was a great help for me, I hope so for you.
I'll keep you informed.Hope this helps, it's wierd the characteristics we share. Is this my brother or sister? Hmmm.
Best Wishes,




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