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Re: Where Do We Go From Here?

Posted by bones on August 31, 1999, at 22:23:25

In reply to Where Do We Go From Here?, posted by Margaret on August 30, 1999, at 13:33:04

Hi Margaret:

I feel for you and your husband. I've been there - that feeling of desperation - what do I do now.

I have an anxiety disorder - I'll probably have it all of my life. I had panic attacks very badly when I was a teenager/young adult; but overcame them. There is no big secret with anxiety - you have to face the fear and ride the wave. Come out the other side - learn not to be afraid of the feelings. Not really ignore them, just let them ride over you. Once you experience "them" enough you recognize the similarity - understand their facade.

I don't sthink I'm explaining myself too well, I'm tired. I guess the bottom line is that this disorder can be managed. I would recommend to your husband that he try to get some counselling - with someone in town who specializes in anxiety disorders - a behavioral therapist would be the best bet. There are excellent books out: Claire Weekes is someone who helped me years ago: I can't quite remember the title - "Help for your nerves" I think it was called.

"Racer" is right - Serezone is usually recommended as a sedating anti-depressant. Your husband might want to try that. I suggest that he try at a very small dose and work up. People with anxiety disorders seem to be extra sensitive to anti-depressant side effects. Serezone comes in a pill form - can be broken in half it need be. A number of the SSRI's may be helpful, but again I would suggest he start at very low doses, and my experience has been that these drugs at first (1 - 2 weeks) may agitate, but then a kind of numb calm kicks in.

Best of luck Margaret and God bless. I know it's such a tough battle sometimes. ->
> I am writing about my husband who has had panic disorder for about 10 years now. He does not suffer from any other psychological disorder, except for recently, agoraphobia.
> He has developed a dependency problem with benzodiazepines, as a result of being treated by a psychiatrist who believed that dependency issues were not real. He has tapered from a high of 2.5 mg Xanax + 6 mg Rivotril to 2.5 mg Rivotril and has suffered greatly.
> He has tried antidepressants twice out of desperation. The first, Tofranil, produced a five hour panic episode. I flushed the pills down the toilet. The second trial was with Paxil, which produced either hypomania or Serotonin Syndrome along with severe shock to his nervous system, leaving him in a constant state of anxiety. (no one will tell us for sure what happened there and his new psychiatrist's only concern seems to be getting him off the benzos, as he is unwilling to address any of his concerns)
> He has recently begun taking Atenolol for an elevated heart rate and blood pressure, with excellent results in that area. It also seems to help with some of his panic symptoms as well. (less intense)
> So, my question is "Where do we go from here?". We live in a relatively small city with few psychiatrists. Is there anybody out there that's been through a similar situation and found relief?
> Thank You in Advance




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