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Posted by Judy on August 2, 1999, at 18:03:34

In reply to Reaching Out...Looking for support, posted by Roo (ruth) on August 2, 1999, at 14:16:16

Hi Roo,

Don't ever think or let anyone tell you that it's wrong to want to be as 'normal' as you can be. You shouldn't have to make big trade-off's in your life in order to get some benefit from an AD. I once actually asked my doctor if he would choose castration if that were the only way he could have mental health. He looked at me strangely and I reminded him that he was basically offering me the same choice in the form of a libido-killing AD!

The first AD I ever took was the TCA Imipramine (brand name Tofranil, I think). It worked relatively well for my depression and caused me to gain about ten pounds during the year I took it BUT it had no effect on my libido and may have even enhanced my sexual response. (The worst thing I remember about it was sweating profusely all the time.) I've never taken Disipramine so I can't comment on that, but at least I'm in the same class.

My experiences with Serzone and Wellbutrin were as bad as yours. I can almost promise you that a TCA won't be like that. I too have heard that Rememon causes out-of-control weight gain - maybe someone here can refute that.

I'm behind you all the way Ruth. Demand everything you want! Don't accept less. Right now I too am experimenting with a new AD in the hopes of finding one that works best for me (in every possible).

My very best wishes, Judy

> Hi,
> I just went to the pharmacologist about AD's and
> sexual side effects. She said since I've already
> tried 2 of the SSRI's and had sexual side effects,
> and two of the newer AD's, Wellbutrin and Serzone didn't
> work for my depression, that our first course of action
> could be A) Try Remeron or B) try a TCA
> I asked her about adding something on to prozac (since
> it works for me so well otherwise) and she said most
> of those options are very iffy and cut back on
> spontaneity.
> Because I'm really scared of people's reports on Remeron
> adding on lots of weight really quickly, I opted for
> the disipramine. I also took it for a month about
> 8 years ago--can't remember much about whether it affected
> me sexually, but I don't remember gaining weight on
> disipramine.
> I don't know....
> What's my point here....
> This may sound stupid, but a part of me feels selfish
> for pursuing this Ad that dosent' have sexual side effects
> thing so agressively. I feel
> like I should just be happy that my drug works for
> my depression and shut up about it. I feel like it's
> "bad" that I want everything. But I do. Is that wrong?
> I feel scared to be on the road of experimentation again
> after just getting stable and content with the prozac.
> Maybe that's my point. Feeling kind of scared and unsure.
> I know I have to just keep trying until something works,
> it's just such a scarey process, never knowing what's
> going to happen, how a drug is going to effect me. I'm
> mostly spooked b/c wellbutrin and serzone made me feel
> so BAD, just awful...
> Can anyone relate?




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