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Re: Sexual side effects? Maybe some help

Posted by Elizabeth on July 26, 1999, at 16:24:52

In reply to Re: Sexual side effects? Maybe some help, posted by Roo on July 26, 1999, at 9:56:34

> > Cyproheptadine, or "Periactin (TM)" for short! :-) That's pretty sedating, isn't it? I've never heard of anyone who was able to stay awake to appreciate the effects!
> It's the one that's worked best--but still not much of a solution,
> b/c spontaneity is pretty key for me. Also I'm much
> more of a morning/afternoon person, sex-wise. Nightime is my
> least favorite time. These might seem like petty or
> picky complaints, but I want to find something that seems to go
> well with my overall nature, spontaneous morning person.

I understand - if you're trying to make sex better, you don't want to have side effects (wrong time of day for you, lack of spontaneity) that will make it worse!

> Well, maybe I just didn't do it right. The purpose at the time was to try Wellbutrin as a new AD. I was on prozac, so I was tapering on prozac while adding the wellbutrin, then just wellbutrin. I still got the sexual side effects from the prozac
> after a month and a half off of it. In other words, I didn't lose the effect until it was totally and completely out of my system, regardless of the wellbutrin.

I guess it just wasn't the right solution for you. Maybe you metabolize it differently than most people do? (Always my favorite rationalization whenever anything odd and unexplained happens!)

> > Haven't heard of anyone having much luck with this one.
> Yeah, which is confusing b/c you see all these studies where it supposedly completely
> reversed sexual side effects for people on SSRI's in 80% of the cases...
> It took a month though 120 mg's 2 times a day. I probably have never
> experimented with it consistently enough to have given it a fair trial.

Yeah, it'd be nice to have something you could just take when you needed it.

> I swear wellbutrin and serzone made my depression worse.
> I felt really anxious and irritable on them both.
> Again, maybe I should have given them more time, but I was
> just completely miserable on them and couldn't stand much
> more than a month.

Well, I tried them both, and while Serzone didn't give me this problem (feeling even worse than I already did), Wellbutrin did. I gave it a long enough trial to know that the side effects weren't going to go away.

> I've kind of had to make it my job b/c it seems like
> i know more than the general practicioners I've been
> seeing. I see a pharmacologist next monday, and I'm
> really looking forward to dealing with a specialist in
> these issues. I feel hopeful, overall.

Let us know if you learn anything interesting!

> > Yup. Sound familiar?
> Has anything worked for you?

I meant that the "try things randomly until you find what works" thing should sound familiar because that's how you find the antidepressant that's right for you in the first place.

> > I think it's of interest to many people!
> Good, good :-) I just feel like such a whiner...

It's a subject that could make anyone whine!

> > I did ask my pdoc about this, and he brought in a list of things, which I don't have because we both forgot to xerox it as we'd planned.
> Well if you ever get a chance, share the knowledge :-)

I will.




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