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Re: Adderall and PDD

Posted by ginny on July 22, 1999, at 8:35:40

In reply to Re: Adderall and PDD, posted by Anne on July 22, 1999, at 6:37:01

Dear Anne:

Sorry I don't know anyone in Mississippi. New York might be a good idea. Funny how just grandma watching the other kids when you do something with "special" kid can even be a treat.

So are you ready to throw the bingo chips and behavior charts at the therapist yet? The ones I hate most are the ones that say "I feel your pain." Wanna feel my pain? Take him for a week!

Think of the time-out another way. He may never feel comfortable for long stretches around people. As much as you and I are probably the kind of people that get energy from connecting with others, for him it is exhausting. If he can go upstairs, do a solitary thing, and regroup for a while, that's a good, sustaining skill to learn.

It's common for you to feel the anger at this stage. Been there, done that, still do it sometimes. But remember too, this is not a good feeling for him, and he probably wishes it would all go away if he could. Unfortunately for him, he hasn't experienced "normal."

Are there a few things he focuses all his attention on? Can he relate one-on-one with adults better than children? If so, look up Asperger's syndrome. It has some of those autistic features, but the kids are a little more connected, in a quirky, obsessive kind of way. I'm not saying that's it, I haven't met your child, but it might be interesting for you to read.

He is too young to be diagnosed with anti-social personality disorder, even though it might feel that way. Anti-socials really comprehend what they are doing, and are cognizant of what they are doing. It's out of meanness.

Your son sounds like he is just reacting with no pre-meditation. I think of the brain as a mass of wires, and our sons' wires are sparking and shorting up there. The right meds can slow down that sparking so you can start teaching.
He probably can't read his environment very well, and has little capacity to realize what upsets people and learn from the situation. That requires high level thought which he might not have right now, as well as a good deal of introspection, which is hard for six year old boys in general (or 40 year old boys for that matter) much less a kid with real disabilities.

The behavior mod will help in that he needs structure, and under it all, probably likes it because it's the only predictable thing he experiences with that goofy brain. No, it won't stop the behavior. He won't learn to change quickly. I worked in day tx for my internship. It can help a lot of kids know no structure at home, and to give mom a break, but don't look for great gains with a kid like this.

Gotta share a funny one. My son is also deaf, so picking up language is hard for a few reasons. Yesterday, he pigged out at a restaurant for lunch. The checkout lady offered him a sucker, and he plainly said "No thanks, I'm on a diet." After ten years of speech therapy, as well as a brain disorder that keeps him from acquiring language, this was a really funny thing to come out of his mouth.

I left my e-mail on this thread, it's a quicker way to find me.

Keep the faith, Anne. You sound like one tough lady, but it's okay to need a little propping up.

Thanks, Ginny, for the pick-me-up! It is really nice to know that you can survive a child like this.
> Mike is a bundle of a lot of different things, that is what makes it so hard to handle him. The drs and therapists only seem to want to focus on one thing at a time while the rest of the stuff is going off the wall! It drives you crazy. I just yesterday went off on our family therapist when she got going on behavior modification by using time out and parks. Mike loves to be in time out, it keeps him away from people and from having to participate. I keep telling them to keep being consistant with keeping him with the group as much as possible.
> We have tried every form of modification that has been suggested to us so far and when they don't work after 6 months they are not going to work.
> Right now I live in Mississippi but am hoping to move to New York after I graduate in December. That is where my family lives and I think it would be a real good idea for all of us, especially myself, to have some family around. I also feel I can get some better care for Mike there compared to here. I will be hard for my 2 other boys at first as this is where their father lives and they won't get to see him as often, but I still feel we can work around that issue and they will benefit also from better schools and better opportunities.
> As far as the diagnosis with Mike, I have also been pushing the psychiatrist to answer why they don't see the symptoms of OPP, he fits it to a tee from what I have found on it. But he also fits anti-social personality syndrome, and OCD. He does not conform to the norm of one type of thing. I don't agree with the Hyper part of the diagnosis. If a child can sit with one thing for over 2 hours at a time and not move to do something else, there is no hyperness, to me it is the complete opposite.The autism is a very close call too, he has an older brother who lives with his grandmother, that is autistic, but on a different level.
> I am doing better at just accepting the fact that Mike will not be real close to anyone and will keep being withdrawn no matter what we do, but it still gets to me once in awhile. He is just so remote all the time and there is no show of emotions. He does not even feel any remorse for bad behavior or when he physically hurts someone, there is no guilt present. To me, that is the scariest part. It makes you wonder what can happen when he gets older and stronger. Consequence has absolutely no meaning to him. He accepts the consequence but it does not keep him from doing it over and over again.
> Anyhow, I will end this book for now! I look forward to your next thread!




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