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Re: Adderall and PDD

Posted by ginny on July 21, 1999, at 21:18:12

In reply to Re: Adderall and PDD, posted by Anne on July 15, 1999, at 21:20:03

> > Hi Anne:

Sorry it's been a few days--I am actually working on my Master's on this stuff, because I have spent so much timne managing my own child.

I agree that maybe it's time to look for a new psychiatrist. Many are comfortable with the stimulants and rather easy drugs like Tenex, but don't know where to go after that.

My son had a lot of that same PDD behavior. If it's any consolation, with time you will learn to predict him better and adjust his world so he won't freak out. Better meds will take the edge off of that, too, maybe give him time to think before the explosion.

For us, many little things have helped. For example, now that he can read time and schedules, if we put anything down on paper, he accepts it. Rules, somewhere we need to go, even trips for labwork. He needs to understand exactly what will happen, and then he is usually fine with it.

For the overstimulation thing, try some techniques. Bring the goodie bag if you are just trying to get through a happy meal at McDonals's without nuclear meltdown. Bribe. I even threaten...if you behave, Mommy will only stop at one store for an errand. If you don't, I will stop at 10. (He is STILL gullible enough to fall for that one!)
If you find someone that's really good at handling him, like a hair cutting place, use the same place and person. It will be familiar and comforting for him. If he is around too many other people, would a book or a set of headphones help? Our son will finally withdraw to his own room (this after years of no company) to do computer or Nintendo. I balked at Nintendo for a long time, but it buys me peace. There are non-violent games.

Kids like this are the acid test of friendships. Join a support group. Find other Moms with kids as bizarre as yours. Learn to laugh at their eccentricities. Trade off with your husband for child care. Go out with a girlfriend, even go to a movie alone. (I wish I would've learned that one earlier). If you find a babysitter than CAN handle him, pay them more. Our son has learned to be VERY good now for babysitters. Especially male ones that play Nintendo with him.

I know now which of my "good" friends can handle being around my child, and which ones can't. I cherish the ones that accept him.

Connect with that support group, too, to find out services in your area. (another thing I wished I would've accessed sooner).

If your doc hasn't looked at neurology stuff to rule out seizures and the like, another good reason to fire him.

For explosiveness, many times meds like Depakote, Neurontin are looked at. Sometimes Risperdal. They usually try the more easy to take drugs first, so it is a process. But always ask how long you should give it, and call immediately if he is getting worse. Sometimes you might knee jerk, but Moms are at least 90% right on this stuff.

I am sorry about all the pain you are experiencing. Believe me, I know. I sometimes feel years have gone by where I didn't participate in the world. I am finally starting to get back! Fortunately, I do have family nearby. Not the "give me your kid for a week while you go to Hawaii" kind, but the ones who will help often with the little stuff, and who come over and don't care if my kid is beating up his sister and the kitchen floor sticks.

Anne, you are a smart lady. You will prevail. Just find a way to take care of ANNE.

Last word of advice for now--if something isn't working, don't be afraid to change it. Your kid isn't gonna be easy to figure out. You may hit all those professionals that think some fancy behavior plan will do everything. YEAH, RIGHT! If they don't have a clue, get rid of them.

Write back........


ps if it's not too personal, what state are you in? (just in case I know of a resource...)

Don't Wat

get real hung up at the diagnosis at this age. Think more of drugs being for different target symptoms. Adderal is usually for the impulsivity and hyperactivity. If those are the biggest problems, there are other stimulants to try or different dosages. If other symptoms are driving you crazy, there are plenty of other meds. Go to your doctor with specific examples of the most problematic behavior. If he can't offer you anything other than stimulants, maybe you're at the wrong doc. I, too, have a complicated kid. I know some docs don't know what to do if it's not ADD. I call them "surburban ritalin pushers". Good luck. My son is now 12, and is on his 16th drug trial. We are finally in the right ballpark, but need to fine tune the drugs. How do you know this? Well, when symptoms are maybe 50% better. When more days look like what his best day is now. Good luck, it's a long, nasty road. But there are getting to be more and better people than can help. You're already ahead of the game by surfing the net.
> Thanks for the info. Since my last thread, I have also found out that ADHD, combined type; and Severe Disruptive Behavior Disorder along with the PDD, is part of the total diagnosis. So far we are seeing very little results, but it has only been one month, so I am going to give it a little longer. How much time do you usually give to see if a medicine is going to do what it is supposed to? This is his first set of meds, so I am a novice at this!!




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