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Re: spasmodic dysphonia

Posted by Rick on July 19, 1999, at 11:05:52

In reply to Re: spasmodic dysphonia, posted by DC on July 18, 1999, at 15:16:18

I tend to agree with you. After five weeks the Selegeline is doing absolutely nothing for my SP.
Maybe it's dosage related --I'm only up to 15mg -- but I saw the Medline title (not actual article)that Chris A. referred to, and it was a study of *low-dose* selegeline in treating SP.

My pdoc claims that selegeline has been used as an AD "for years" in Europe, with great success in some individuals. Even if that's true (and I'm skeptical), that doesn't mean it will help SP.

Please let us know how the Paxil works out, including side-effects. Thanks.

> Selegeline is one of those drugs that sounds good in theory, but is virtually useless in practice. Your doc is merely trying to prove his own ideas. Nardil is thousand times more effective.
> > I also have spasmodic dysphonia, albeit a mild case, and have tried Botox injections. After having five or six injections, I decided it wasn't worth it. Since then I've been using Nardil with good success. Yet because of the weight gain and insomnia I'm going to go off it and try paxil. Mild cases of spasmodic dysphonia also respond to voice work. You might consider working with a voice teacher in a University Theater department - these people are more helpful than speech pathologists. Good luck, I know SD isn't easy.
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> >
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> > > I've seen research articles advocating selegiline for social phobia. Check medline for details. Some people reporting on Selegiline were on doses to small to be effective; 50 to 60 mgs. is more often that not required to treat depression. I can't remember the recommended doses for social phobia. I think when a lot of docs read about the doses for parkinson's, they are hesitant to give adequate doses for other off label conditions.
> > >
> > > My pdoc seems to be very unorthodox with meds, and has replaced the Nardil with Selegeline, which isn't even very common as an AD, let alone for Social Phobia. (and see posts above re Selegeline's doubtful efficacy as an AD).
> > >
> > > If you haven't taken 60 mg. of Selegiline it hasn't a fair trial - (maximizing the dose being a basic principle in psychopharmacology). So far, nothing. He tried "smoothing me out" by adding Lithium (also something you just don't see for SP), but after weird reactions I dropped that after one day. So now he's added a Benzo called Tranxene, once again something you never see for SP. I've only taken this a few days (with the Selegeline), but my voice is no better than when I started on this mission. Why can't he try one of the many drugs that are highly touted for SP effectiveness in some people, such as the Benzo Klonopin, or an SSRI AD such as Paxil? Maybe I need a new pdoc; this one seems to pride himself on being non-conformist when it comes to meds.
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