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Re: To JohnL: Green Trees & Purple Toothbrushes

Posted by Janet on July 13, 1999, at 21:29:21

In reply to Re: To JohnL: Green Trees & Purple Toothbrushes, posted by Sean on July 12, 1999, at 18:26:13

>What all of you are referring to is well known and accepted in the mania realm. Heightened senses, euphoric feelings, increased energy, intense awareness etc. So coming out of a depression , which is absence of almost everything practically ,is wonderful. It's a shot in the arm so to speak saying, life really is worth living. Taste, smell, texture, enjoymentment is renewed. That's how life is for most people who live a clean, healthy life free from stress, having friends and family I think. When we get sick, we need rest, exercise, drugs sometimes and theropy if need be. I would think the "professional" world would understand that! > If mania causes changes in senses, surely depression does also.
You know how music can have this superb affect on you that you just can't explain? It isn't like talking or a piece of art, or something you can taste, it is just in a world of it's own, well, that's what I think heaven will be like. Like nothing we can ever imagine, so wonderful and perfect we won't ever get tired of it in 20 billion years. Janet
> >
> > I didn't want to take up any more of Racer's space - I'm sure she'll have many more notes of joy - so I started a new thread.
> >
> > I suspect (and hope) that your treatment might actually be kicking in after reading your message about looking at million-times-seen-before trees in a different light. I swear this has happened to me several times when meds started kicking in for me. All of a sudden I'll notice that the sky looks a more richer blue, my car growls a bit deeper and more powerfully in 2nd gear and, yes, the purple (amethyst?) color of my toothbrush deserves a second glance! It doesn't last long - as I mentioned to Racer, maybe I take these things for granted when I start to feel better; but it has become a definite 'sign' to me that a drug is going to make me feel better, soon. (And then I have to dump it because of the side effects.)
> >
> > I told my doctor about this once and he said "Realllllllly? Uh huh..." (I could almost hear him thinking "Get the net!"); but I swear it is so! I think it is, in fact, my mind climbing out of hell, blinking its eyes and noticing the world around it for the first time in a long time. I truly hope my theory holds true for you too (just don't mention it to "normal" people - they'll look at you funny)!
> >
> > Hey! Where else but here can you write about the color of a toothbrush and have people actually understand?!?!? Hang in there, John, I think you're on the way up!
> >
> > Judy
> This is a great thread. I'm back here after spending
> two weeks in the depression zone. Am starting back on
> the program w/my doc and we are exploring new
> possibilities, many of which I've learned about
> here.
> I also notice the colors of things, the clarity
> and "realness" which is so absent from the depressed
> state. When it comes back I almost want to cry
> because the world can be so lovely, right down
> to the purple toothbrushes. When I feel like killing
> myself, it usually these little things, the very
> private epiphanies of perception which I treasure,
> that keep me hoping that I will see the world
> in such a way again. Yes, there is a "big picture"
> but it is the little things which endear me to
> this 'ole world.
> Sean.




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