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Re: spasmodic dysphonia

Posted by Rick on July 3, 1999, at 17:43:50

In reply to spasmodic dysphonia, posted by linda on July 1, 1999, at 21:18:06

If by "spasms" you mean shakiness, tremors, and weakness of the voice, that's what I'm working on now. I've sometimes wondered if I have spasmodic dysphonia, but I decided to try a pdoc first because I have social phobia and the voice problems tend to be much worse when I am anxious (they are also worse when I am tired). Pdoc started me out on Nardil (MAOI antidepressant, considered gold standard for Social Phobia), plus Xanax (fast-acting Benzo tranquilizer) on an as-needed basis.

After about a week, I found that -- perhaps 60% of the time -- the Nardil allowed me to speak in the usual anxiety-inducing situations with great confidence and almost no voice difficulty. I was amazed. Unfortunately, due to a combination of side effects (NOT including weight gain) and an apparent quick "poop-out" for me, I stopped taking the Nardil (oddly, after 10 days many of the side effects remain).

My pdoc seems to be very unorthodox with meds, and has replaced the Nardil with Selegeline, which isn't even very common as an AD, let alone for Social Phobia. (and see posts above re Selegeline's doubtful efficacy as an AD). So far, nothing. He tried "smoothing me out" by adding Lithium (also something you just don't see for SP), but after weird reactions I dropped that after one day. So now he's added a Benzo called Tranxene, once again something you never see for SP. I've only taken this a few days (with the Selegeline), but my voice is no better than when I started on this mission. Why can't he try one of the many drugs that are highly touted for SP effectiveness in some people, such as the Benzo Klonopin, or an SSRI AD such as Paxil? Maybe I need a new pdoc; this one seems to pride himself on being non-conformist when it comes to meds.

BTW, he says the hypertensive MAOI reactions with tyramine-rich foods (especially aged cheese) are seen almost exclusively in women, rarely in men.

I've always been curious about Botox treatment since "discovering" Spasmodic Dysphonia on the net. How well does the Botox work? If it works, why don't you want to stay with it?

> I get botox for spasmodic dysphonia. Are you aware of any medications that may be helpful in eliminating spasms when speaking. I would really like to try something different than botox. thanks for the info if any.




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