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Re: no inteded to insult anybody

Posted by jc on June 25, 1999, at 17:26:05

In reply to Re: no inteded to insult anybody, posted by Ruth on June 24, 1999, at 7:33:33

> >JC,
> I have to say that I really agree with many of
> Elizabeth's responses to you--but I would want to
> add that I wouldn't want you to leave the site
> unless you truly find it unrewarding. Personally,
> I think you might be feeling a little defensive,
> b/c you got a lot of negative responses to your
> post. That's totally understandable, and I can
> really relate. And probably we were feeling defensive too.
> Maybe you can see, looking back, that your post was
> written in a way that would cause people to react
> defensively. From reading all the posts
> this can boil down to misunderstanding. I think,
> like Elizabeth said, you probably would have received
> the support you needed if your post hadn't come off
> as accusatory. I now know you didn't mean to be.
> Nobody's perfect, and that's why we're here.
> I can totally understand how reading certain people's
> reactions/side effects of certain meds can be
> scarey! It's been scarey to me sometimes too! I have
> not taken certain medications b/c of the feedback
> I've read about them on this site. I've also become
> paranoid, at times, because of other people's side
> effects to the drug I'm taking (like weight gain
> for instance...) but I just try and take a deep breath
> learn what's useful to me, and disregard what's not.
> I try and stay focused on my own reaction to a medication,
> and not get too caught up in everyone else's. I
> can also see how maybe it might appear that people
> are too involved in finding the right medication and
> not trying to delve into deeper problems. I think
> that might be (for myself anyway) that it's virtually
> impossible to begin working on the deeper problems
> unless the physical side of the depression is taken
> care of first. So sometimes that's the first priority--
> take care of the physical so you can then have the
> mental clarity to move on to the spiritual. I also
> think that medication is simply the focus of this
> particular forum, and that there probably are other
> forums that focus more on the spiritual/emotional
> aspects of depression. Many people try one med.,
> and it works, and then they can take their med, work
> on their depression issues, and move on. For other
> people, it's not that simple, and more of a struggle
> to find the right med. It's very complex--sometimes
> drugs lose their effect after years of being effective,
> sometimes people on are multiple meds that may
> conflict with each CAN be frustrating,
> precisely because folks want so desperately to be
> feeling better, happier, moving on. Anyway...I'm
> glad that you didn't intend on insulting
> anybody, I hope this helps somewhat,
> and I hope everything works out for you.
> Smiles,
> Ruth

Thank you for such a beautiful responce.




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