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Re: no inteded to insult anybody

Posted by Elizabeth on June 24, 1999, at 0:18:04

In reply to no inteded to insult anybody, posted by jc on June 23, 1999, at 20:30:43

>This posting was not intended to insult anybody.

Obviously it failed then, because it did insult and offend a number of people.

>It was to say that you should try to give therapy or meds a chance.

If you believe that people here aren't trying therapy, meds, and in some cases ECT and other treatments, you haven't really been reading. I encourage you to develop some sympathy for those who have had less success than you think they should have.

>As for the peron who said to "get off the site and never come back" you are going to meet a lot of people who do not have your same opinion.

Actually I think a lot of people wouldn't mind if you left. You said you don't believe this is a very good support site; instead of making a post that offends the people here, why not just go look for another site? So I think it was a very good suggestion, although I would be just as happy if you'd improve your behavior and stay.

>Is that how you are always going to deal with people?

One could ask the same question of you.

>As to all of the people who told me that I made assumptions, they made an incredible lot of assumptions about me. I am not better. If I where better, I would not be in therapy or taking drugs.(1 drug).

You strongly implied it by saying that you got help and were "smart enough to stick with it." I don't think it's a stretch to believe that means you think you are better. You certainly act like you believe you are better (than everyone else).

(Also, "better" does not have to mean "completely well." I am doing much better than I have in the past (no longer depressed) but I still have some problems with anxiety and sleep continuity. I also know that because of the nature of recurrent depression and my sleep disorders, I most likely will not simply be able to stop taking medication without experiencing a relapse.)

>I am very sorry if you feel that I am a bad person, but I did get you thinking enough to respond.

I don't think you are a bad person. I think you are a person who has some things to learn.

>I came to this site confused because I was afraid of the drug I was perscribed. After reading the postings, I was terrified. I decided to take the drug because the alterative was just too hard to live with.

Ahh now we see that this is someone who hasn't really "stuck with it" yet, but has just started therapy with a first antidepressant. Okay, so you are new to this. If you stick around, I can guarantee you will learn some things.

I'm sorry you are scared of the discussion that goes on here. Some of it is quite frank; people feel comfortable revealing things about themselves. Instead of reading the posts and being terrified, perhaps you might have posted about your fear. I think you would have received support.

>All I really wanted to say was just give your therapist or psych doc a chance. Is that such a rude, with out manners, anti interpersonal thing to say?

When you are making the assumption that people here *don't* give their psychs a chance, that is extremely rude, yes. Most patients who post here have been seeing a psychiatrist and/or other therapist for some time. Most take medication as well; many have tried a number of different medications. When you say that this site is not supportive, you're telling the people here that *they* are not supportive enough; that is rude also. In fact, I have found this site very supportive whenever I have had a question or concern. When you tell them that they don't really intend on getting better, that is rude and presumptuous. You have no idea what the intentions of the people here are; you don't even know us.

Please do post about your background. I think that, as long as you don't persist in being insulting, people will try to give you a second chance and show you how supportive this site can be.




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