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Re: Is this the road Elvis started on?Medication Help!

Posted by JohnL on June 3, 1999, at 4:14:43

In reply to Is this the road Elvis started on?Medication Help!, posted by Cynthia on June 2, 1999, at 20:19:24

> I've just moved cities and am inbetween psychiatrists. I've been seeing a psychiatrists for years, okay are you ready for my multiple diagnosis', I have bipolar disorder (cyclothymia mostly), major depressive episodes, OCD - trichotillomania, anorexia, attention deficit disorder and did suffer from all the anxiety disorders except for agoraphobia (I have rid myself of anxiety through cognitive therapy and experimentation with medications). Mostly I am functioning person, working in fields suited to me, design and writing. I am constantly trying to stay on top of these disorders' symptoms with medication, while trying to work through my issues.
> When I left Toronto, I had just discovered with my psychiatrist that I had ADD. He gave me some Dexedrine. I am in love with it. Not only for the first time in my life can I get things done without fucking myself over for days and days, but if I take it on my 'down' days of my cyclothymic cycles, I can function much much better than I can with no Dexedrine, and am thus less depressed on these days. So sometimes now, I am doing a little bit of Ativan (1mg) to get to sleep, and a little bit of Dexedrine (5mg) to get myself going and feeling good in the morning. (Dexedrine does not get me to my hypomanic highs, but it guarantees a productive and a good, moodwise, day).
> I've seen one psychiatrist in this new city, but he won't give me any Dexedrine (that word deserves a capital letter!). He says because it is addictive. I have incredible amounts of self-control with my years of being a practising anorexic. I have never this far, ever abused a drug. Any advice? I know lots of people must do this medication, but are my motivations for wanting to take it sound (not only to treat my ADD, but help my depressive periods of my cycles)? One more reason for me to love this medication - when I take it I don't suffer from trichotillomania - and that I've had since I was 6 years old.
> Currently I am on no medication except for my little bit of Ativan and little bit of Dexedrine.
> So is this the road Elvis started out on? Anyone know. At least I won't get fat.
> Excuse my silly sense of humour, I am very serious about all of this.
> ps. For your information, from my experience, depression is the most discusting of all the emotional disorders.
> thanks, Cynthia

Cynthia, I can relate, as I'm sure hundreds/thousands of others can. Believe me, you aren't alone. Though we don't see each other or know each other, we all are in the same boat, same team, with similar battles against a common enemy. I can barely take care of myself, thus I am sorry to not be able to offer any concstructive thoughts on medication for you. However, you don't at all sound like Elvis to me. He was a party animal, apparently without self-control, responsibility, or concern of how his actions might affect others. He had a great life only one in a million could even dream of, and he recklessly destroyed it. You on the other hand are trying to improve and repair a life, not destroy it. Quite a difference. My best repect and wishes to you. JohnL.




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