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Re: Celexa after 6mos. off Zoloft

Posted by Tom on May 27, 1999, at 21:34:25

In reply to Re: Celexa side-effects/Dina, posted by Jessi on May 27, 1999, at 15:51:25

I am struck by the variety of responses and side effects of these medications. I went on zoloft five years ago and after a few months stabilized at 37.5 mg/day. It really helped me first with a depressing time in my life (major business project failure). I definitely began to feel better although the detached sense of unreality that may of us are familiar with was there. I had some anxiety with it but that passed after a few months. Tried to stop a couple of times and after a few days would get this anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach over something, and think "Oh, hello. I can do without THIS feeling, thank you. I'll stick with the zoloft." So you might say I went on for the anti-depressant effect and stayed on for the anxiety reduction--a sort of armoring from the vicissitudes of day to day emotional life. In four years, I note in retrospect, such armoring also allowed my natural defenses to atrophy. During that time I got into a great relationship, got married to a wonderful woman, and was happy, although increasingly bothered by missing the "top 10" (but not the "bottom 20%") that zoloft seemed to "clip" off of experience. I went to an Indian music concert and felt almost nothing (odd for me). On my first wedding anniversary I stopped zoloft. I felt fine at first, was a little more uptight at times, but basically OK until I ran up against a serious personality/territorial conflict with a neighbor and former (and perhaps future) friend. It flipped me back into serious depression and extreme anxiety. I tried going back on zoloft (I had stopped without consulting my shrink, which I DO NOT recommend) but couldn't deal with the anxiety it caused this time. Go figure. SO I switched to celexa in January, worked my way up to 30 mg by March. I have one serious side-effect which is different from most I have seen here: great anxiety and insomnia. Too much energy and often nowhere to go with it! I take 1 to 2.5 xanax a day (.25 mg) and benadryl and ambien on alternate nights to sleep. When I tried to go back on the zoloft I didn't try tranquilizers to offset it, and I'm considering switching back to Z. As I say, I went on originally for depression--which is real--but stayed on for the "armoring." I feel more with celexa, don't get that "clipping," which is important to me as I am an architect and paid to feel and interpret, in effect. Yet the side effects of celexa are for me--the anxiety--not receding, perhaps actually increasing, as is the (albeit small) dose of xanax I need creeping up. Weight gain--other than gaining back what I lost when I didn't have any appetite while depressed--hasn't been a problem, nor libido. But feeling like I'm in a horror movie and the monster is perpetually about to jump out from behind the door isn't fun. The xanax dumbs me down a bit, but generally is a relief. The yawning--YES--that does happen to me, although I usually chalk it up to not breathing. I guess Id say in conclusion that I've always been a nervous, perhaps fearful person, and zoloft helped me to get to where that wasn't an issue. I was more assertive without being obnoxious, more confident, and, frankly, emotionally stable enough to commit to a marriage. On celexa thus far (do have a lot of gas and--uncharacteristically for me--stomach unease) I feel a lot of the old anxiety,. I am considering going back to zoloft. Anyone out there have any experiences similar to mine, thoughts on this long posting, etc? They would be most appreciated.




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