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Re: Celexa --Dawn--switch zololft to celexa

Posted by John on March 24, 1999, at 13:56:27

In reply to Re: Celexa --Dawn--switch zololft to celexa, posted by mhk on March 19, 1999, at 12:44:37

> Please let me know what experience anyone has had with switching from Zoloft to Celexa. How did you taper off one drug and could you overlap Celexa with Zoloft at lower dosages or did you have to go to a complete "washout" of the Zoloft first? Any side effects of tremors with Celexa?
> > > > > >Shelley,
> > > > >Sounds like we're at about the same stage in this. Why were you perscribed Celexa? Thanks for your comments, it was helpful.
> > > > >Dawn
> > >
> > >
> > > Dawn:
> > >
> > > I was prescribed Celexa for depression (helping my PMS/PMDD was a welcome surprise!) Dysthymia with major depressive episodes. This 'episode' lasted for the past 6(almost 7) years. I tried other SSRIs, some TCAs, many different kinds of therapy (from cognitive-beh'r change to psychoanalysis) and nothing helped for long. I have had 4 or 5 different docs give me 4 or 5 different diagnoses, but none of it really matters to me. All I can tell you is that everything I was going to therapy for became immediately clear to me when the Celexa started to really work. I was going 3X a week, and now I am taking a break to reassess my therapy goals! I am finding that even though I am in a great mood most of the time, I still have to unlearn some of the bad habits I acquired over the past few years. My mind is on this side of 'normal' (for lack of a better word -- I hate using that term!), but I still lean towards depressive types of beh'rs because I am so used to those reactions from years of sometimes debilitating depression. At least I am ready for the journey now! And I have to say, I am grateful that the Celexa kicked in when it did -- I have two major issues happening in my life that I could never have handled if I were still depressed.
> > >
> > > I'm sorry if this is more info than you wanted! I just get started and keep going! I hope it was helpful, in any case.
> > >
> > > :-) Shelley
> >
> > Shelley,
> >
> > Congrats on your Celexa success. I've suffered endlessly from depression and mood disorders. I'm considering switching from Zoloft to Celexa. Should I expect a dramatic lift in my mood? I sure hope so. Let me know what to expect from the stuff.
> >
> > :) Ala

I have been taking AD's for years - and just about everything available at one time or another. Effexor has been effective but leaves me anxious and a bit panicky. while i have been on Celexa only for a week I have noticed a marked reduction of panic and anxiety. I am still taking a half does of effexor to mitigate the withdrawel from the effexor. SSRI's with the exception of effexor caused me to have a horrible headache just at the moment of ejaculation sometimes lasting 2 or 3 days, A symtom my doctor was surprised at. effexor fixed that but the trade off was constant low grade headaches. the fact that Celexa worked quickly for me is one of those oddities and it's still far too soon to know what the ultimate effects of celexa will provide. One of Celexa's best attribute is it's no reactive nature with other drugs - Infact the only outstanding drug interaction is with MAIO's, all SSRI's have this incommon. I also take Klonopine for panic, and once again it is to soon to know if that can be dispenced with. It would be nice to get down to one drug that solves all the issue's.

I guess what bothers me is the years of trying everything and finding that nardil which made me feel great had to be with drawn, do to very low blood pressure. If Celexa turns out to be the right treatment for me, I will be delighted! However, This SSRI (Celexa) was available for more than 8 years in Europe and millions have sufferred trying to hit on the analogue of SSRI that works for us. It's fine that there are several available in the US. and have proved beneficial for many. I do take issue with the FDA for dragging it's feet on Celexa. It was carefully studied in Europe and Proven as safe and effective for many. 8 years ago this might have saved me from making some terrible mistakes that lead to many problems, from the work place to my personal life. remember that SSRI's are new here in relative terms, There was a possible solution at hand 8 years ago. Apparently a foriegn produced Drug wasn't good enough for us. Anyone who has sufferred from Deppresion knows that life is hell - If it is safe and effective, if only for some folks, Then those whom it benefits should get it. To those of you trying Celexa, I wish you success and a return to happiness.

One final note - Celexa is also Less expensive and will in a couple of years be generic - Can you say "Drug Company Greed"

John in Texas.




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