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Re: med intolerance and hypersensitivity

Posted by Phoebe on May 25, 1999, at 5:29:55

In reply to Re: med intolerance and hypersensitivity, posted by Matt on January 14, 1999, at 7:23:09

> > > Let me see if I can help here since I've gone through a very similar ordeal for most of my life.
> > Thank you, Lisa, for your answer. If you only knew how much it means to me that other people are going through similiar things! Even though I already knew of course that many people have mental illnesses, I was really bothered by being med-intolerant. (really more like hyper-sensitive). Doctors only rarely are willing to try doses smaller than what is typically prescribed. They must assume that all anxiety concerning medication is simply a symptom of the disease and will go away when the medicine takes effect. I bought into this, tolerating horrible side effects from what are typically fairly benign medicines (SSRI's and benzodiazapams) until I could take them no more. Klonopin landed me in the hospital with a racing heart (150BPM) for TWO days! I felt terrible. It was off of a single 0.5 dose. I described my symptoms in the hospital to the doctor. He told me, "oh, that symptom is not caused by the drug, and neither is such and such a symptom" -- I researched the drug databases on the web and found that yes, every problem symptom (that had suddenly erupted within hours taking the drug) was in fact on the side effect list, and they slowly went away (more or less together) over about a week. So if anyone is reading this and is having trouble with your medicines, know that it does in fact happen. I don't know if the best route is to lessen the dose, or stop the medicine. But don't be afraid to tell your doctor that something is amiss and be willing to research for yourself. If I hadn't, who knows what kind of trouble I'd be in now.
> > Erik
> I have been searching for information on medical intolerance/hypersensitivity with no luck (this is first glimmer of hope.
> My wife is EXTREMELY sensitive to all medications, including her anti-depressants. So much so, that she has to stay with
> one particular manufacturer - the pharmacy changed mfr's at one point and the change in formulation (no idea what specifically was different) threw her
> for a loop that took weeks to recover from. Doc's do not understand this sensitivity.
> Does anyone know where more information can be found about the causes of the sensitivity?
> Thanks!!
Many doctors have, over the years, prescribed virtually every anti-depressant to augment the Xanax and Klonopin I take for severe panic disorder with agoraphobia, depression, suicidal ideation, racing thoughts, terrible tremor and multiple severe somatizations.
I have been unable to tolerate any. One doctor tried lithium; I couldn't handle that either. I've tried depakote with the same results. With the exception of lithium, which caused nausea and vomiting, I invariably suffer greatly increased anxiety and panic.
Is this heightened sensitivity a tip-off that I may be bi-polar? And, if so, in light of my inability to take either lithium or depakote, is there anything else left? Oh, yes zyprexa had the same effect as did thorazine, risperdal, and mellaril.
Wish I could be of more help, but I'm in the same boat. Doctor has virtually written me off; one told me I am "neurologically shot"; that really made my day. I'm postmenopausal but HRT didn't seem to help. Nor has cognitive therapy; my one glimmer was hypnosis. That wore off.
Thank you for any thoughts you can offer. I'd be willing to do ECT or even psychosurgery IF my insurance would pay; I can't work and money is tight!




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