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Success story

Posted by George O. on May 15, 1999, at 7:31:57

In reply to Re: 5 months on tianeptine, posted by pandey_m on May 13, 1999, at 15:35:46

> > > > Wow, you are abusing a lot of drugs. Don't you think this hurts your long term mental well being?
> > >
> > > Andrew,
> > > tough one. I'll try to respond to the best of my ability. The summarised answer is at the end.
> > >
> > Pandey,
> > I am not a doctor but from what you have
> Andrew,
> Thank you for your sensitive post. When 13 months ago I started amineptine I and my wife agreed that the medium-term target was to stop all medication. I had forgotten this somewhere down the line; thank you for reminding me.
> I 'know' that I have an addictive personality; I cannot help knowing it because it is in all my psychological reports (worded like "scored significantly higher than average on dependency" - which includes emotional dependency and addictive personality. Aside - I sometimes tend to think of psychotropic molecules as people I am emotionally involved with - Mary Jane and Rita Lynn et al.) Of course that sort of 'knowing' is again fooling myself -"I know, so I am safe". I often also feel that "unlike so many of my friends who either went on to shooting heroin and died or screwed up their mind and body with crack and stuff, I am still in reasonable physical health and can manage fairly challenging mental work, so I must be tougher". I have this feeling today that I might be totally wrong.
> Tianeptine (Stablon) is however a very safe and fairly promising molecule, with no abuse potential. My first post to this thread was a response to a request for description of personal experience with Tianeptine. In that post I did just that, the other things came in because I don't see the point of describing some "platonic Tianeptine not connected with anything else". I request other readers to remember this. (My second post, however, was a polemic with Andrew.)
> Look, there are studies which say that the main benefit of Tianeptine is long-term - you've got to try it for at least a year - it is supposed to give you some mood stability without the problems
> with mood-stabilizers.
> I'll try to stay off the hashish and the piracetam, the Ritalin, phenytoin and the propranolol (all of which my pdoc strongly disapproves of anyway - he said I have a brittle personality and might have frank psychotic episodes or real deep depression if I am not careful). The doc is comfortable with Tianeptine and Amineptine so I'll continue that (and try not to snort Amineptine - I haven't told the doc about that. [But he might have read that post by now!])
> Thank you again. I keep losing my way half-way through projects unless they are software development projects.
> PS - On Sunday I am off to the Himalaya mountains ,and off the internet, for a month. Regards.

George here: After two weeks on tianeptine I feel soooo much better, really. It made me feel better right away, also made me drowsey for a while but that seems to be passing, except for the fact that I feel real hung over in the morning. I don't have what I consider a normal leval of motivation yet, but that takes awhile when one has spent a year or two in bed. What I can say is that I have not felt bad in days, I'm bipolar but my upswings are rare and very short normally. I do recall that when I had a strong upswing last week I didn't feel the usuall confusion, in fact I was able to fix my favorite guitar amp which had a very wierd malfunction and had baffled me for well over a year. It really is a hassle ordering from thailand and wondering if it's ever going to come , but thats another long story. George




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