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Re: i don't even know what to put here

Posted by Victoria on May 7, 1999, at 15:29:18

In reply to i don't even know what to put here, posted by v on May 7, 1999, at 6:40:45

Just had a crash myself-- probably means another set of meds isn't working, so back on the med-go-round--so I think I know how you feel (just erased an obscenity describing how it feels!). Just "hanging in" doesn't do it. Can you change docs? Sounds like you could use a psychiatrist you could see more frequently and get more educated rx advice and support, as well as the benefits of "talk therapy." It makes a world of difference to me to have a pdoc. Are you angry about your situation? It's so frustrating that so little is known about what's really going on in the brain and how to match symptoms and meds. The trial-and-error routine is tough. I get really angry when I feel that I'm forced to practice medicine on myself (without a license!). The anger (when I have trouble acknowedging it) sometimes turns into feeling hopeless. If another doc isn't a possibility, are there any support groups in your area? Are there things you can do to comfort yourself while you're feeling lousy (including not beating yourself up if eating is the only thing that does comfort you)? I won't say "hang in there," but I will say, take care!

> i don't mean to whine - although perhaps i do - i feel VERY alone - very depressed and completely without resources...
> my eating's begun to be out of control... i can't fall asleep at night regardless of how tired i am - so i eat some more (a classic response of mine) - it's like i fight falling asleep
> i've upped the dose on the topamax to 50mg but it doesn't appear to do anything - yet earlier when my eating was cleaner i thought i felt 25mg when i took it
> i'm starting to get scared of all the meds i stuff inside me hoping for something to change because nothing really does... i'm tired of trying...
> i've asked questions here and not gotten any answers and believe me, i DO NOT believe anyone here owes me anything so i'm not complaining about that... we're all here just trying to get by, doing the best we can... i know that this list doesn't exist to serve me...
> i'm considering tapering off my meds and seeing where i am - my next appt is the end of the month but this doctor isn't someone who can advise me (i'm the one coming to him with ideas about my treatment)
> it's been hard to reach out here but it's getting worse each day... i don't even kow why i'm writing this.. i certainly don't want to hear the usual "hang in there' - i've been hanging in there my whole life... i'm tired and i'm angry of hanging (self pity's terrible isn't it... :)
> regards,
> v




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