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Re: Any Borderline Personalitys taking anything? Klon?

Posted by KRoss on March 11, 1999, at 3:48:16

In reply to Re: Any Borderline Personalitys taking anything? Klon?, posted by Shar on March 10, 1999, at 13:38:53

> > > > I asked, how do you know it is not true. I have read in
> > > > more than 5 times, in different articles. This is why we
> > > > question everything just like you are doing. I saved the
> > > > articles and when I find them I will post them. Until you can prove me wrong
> > > > and I can back my words. Lets just leave it there for now.
> > >
> > > Well, borderlines are just like any other mentally ill group, they're diverse. But I would like to know where you heard this. (I did a Medline search and it didn't turn up any articles that suggested this.) One thing I will say is that you can't believe everything you read, since if you did, you would end up believing contradictory things. Also, it's certainly possible that at some point a study was done in which a group of borderlines had higher-than-average IQs; this is a far from "all borderlines have high IQs" or even "borderlines have higher IQs than the population in general." The study could have been flawed in any of a number of ways. That, combined with the general implausibility of the claim (if you look at the diagnostic criteria for BPD, not one of them is linked to IQ), is why I don't take this sort of statement at face value.
> >
> > Haven't read all this interaction, but has any one of you tried Revia to break the patterns? I have seen some success with it.
> I think that each side is right here. There are many borderlines with high intelligence as well as those with low. I think what Ron is speaking of is those who have higher instances and effects from their disease because they have the ability to think too far into situations. A high IQ can give individuals the ability to let many more areas affect them than others. I have anxiety/panic disorder and do know from personal experience that it does cause increased frustration, carries over into high level work and causes an increase in harmful verbal abuse. I do have personality disorder as well and I tend to "analyze" everyone who comes around me. This makes my condition worse. My analyzations are often distorted and can lead me to distrust people, however, this is why we have to be in therapy.
> Ron, I did read an article that says it is dangerous to make these kind of blanket characterizations to any group, however, I believe those in this group that you have interacted with are of higher intelligence. The web site below is great for this particular debate going on. Hope everyone is well.

JUST browsing and came across this chat. I worked in a Borderline Unit of Terrell State Hosp Tx. while going through a fellowship at SW Med Scl, Dallas in late 80's. We had 25 borderlines DSMIII (at that time) qualified them after strict assessment guidelines where met. The object of the unit was to utilize Kernberg's theory (Analytic style) as treatment mode without any other treatments cognitive, supportive etc. or meds contaminating the project. Not everyone was given full batteries but all where assessed on general intelligence. Like the "normal" population they where bell shaped. However, tests regarding social awareness tend to skew positive. Unfortunately these people earned their lable of (Borderline 20 of the 25 where female). All the classic symptoms; inability to modulate anger, splitting etc.. where quite obvious and their self destructive behaviors landed them in the state hosp. Like ADD, Boderline is a much overused and dangerous term to attach to people. Often used by mental health professionals to discribe people they don't like. Anyway, in response to the original question of Borderlines taking anything, there were some positive results with tegretol in helping those with serious anger management problems. Other than that, time patience and tolerance in a stable evironment where the only clear variables that helped them become more stable and respond rather than react to their environment. In the last 10 years meds have come light years. What Meds work is probably the best question asked. If your thinking Psychotherapy then your in for the long haul.




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