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Re: Celexa and increased mood swings

Posted by Shirley Near Seattle on January 18, 1999, at 22:53:29

In reply to Re: Celexa and increased mood swings, posted by David K. on January 18, 1999, at 17:30:20

> I've been wondering if I've been having mood swings, too ... Let me rephrase that: I know I'm having mood swings, I just don't know if it's Celexa induced or not. But I'll feel AWFUL and then suddenly everything will lift and I'll feel like everything's FINE, then I'll feel AWFUL again.

I feel the same way, only on Effexor. Rarely do I have a day that is consistently good (or bad). I am sometimes depressed on my way to work in the am, then as I become more alert, feel better. Come home, kids, husband, phone, and don't just feel down, but wishing (would pray except that I don't want anything to with any God who allows this sh*t to be happening)I would die. Often times I think I'd skip home in joy if I found out I had 3 mos to live! I'm "dead" serious about that, too, sorry.

A young woman several days ago was asking about what "normal" meant as far as one's response to the world. Certainly everyone has ups and downs--but I've been told it is definately NOT normal to wish I was no longer here (it feels perfectly natural to me). You'd never know it by looking at me, though. I don't wig out in public. I have a job that I actually enjoy, doing something I believe in, and am considering a new position with more responsibility. I've not been hospitalized for mental illness. I have few explanations for the rapid mood swings, though. I don't have highs, so this isn't some kind of bi- polar thing. Sometimes I think there's really nothing wrong, that I'm just being selfish, or weak. My therapist must have thought I was healthy, since she told me I could just come back on an "as needed" basis. Mostly I'm thoroughly confused about what to do. About anything and everything (I find it very difficult to make decisions)

> I CERTAINLY fidget, from the Celexa, though, along with having insomnia. I'll find myself lying in bed drumming my fingers on my chest and wiggling my feet.

I experienced this on Zoloft, but I think it dissipated after several weeks. I'd be driving down the street, clutching the edge of the seat with all of my strenth. I was aware I was doing it, I just couldn't stop. It's a lot like an engine with a revved-up idle. I wouldn't be surprised if it gets better for you though, given more time (5 to 6 weeks?)

Now I DO like Trazodone (I'm a believer in that, at least!). I've decided a couple of times that I should stop taking it because I've been sleeping well for several months, but I always feel horrible the next day. I have no source of professional advice these days ("well I don't know.....I'm not a's a prescription, come back in six weeks...") So, I guess I'll just keep on taking it. As far as feeling foggy the next morning, well, I always feel foggy in the am. OTC sleeping pills are worse--I don't feel right with those until about 15 hours later. I wish I'd stay on topic...





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