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Posted by Toni on March 28, 1999, at 16:46:27

In reply to I'M AFRAID TO TAKE THE XANAX, posted by Chris on March 27, 1999, at 7:48:03

> I recently had ovarian cyst surgery since the surgery which turned out fine--I have been having hot flashes, chills, sense of dread, racing thoughts, extremely upset stomach, gagging, etc. after extensive blood tests, hormone tests, etc. my doctors (gastrologist and internist) have concluded that I am having anxiety attacks--first tried prozac, which made me stay up 48 hours straight, then buspar, which made me have a stiff neck and extreme muscle spasms, NOW XANAX (0.25 mg) to be taken twice a day "as needed". I am scared to death to try this because I have no idea what will happen next. Any suggestions? She also gave me Hyoscyamine for stomach pain (an antispasmotic). I have never taken much medication in my life. I'm the kind of person who suffered through childbirth, even a headache because I hate meds. Please help!

Like you I do not like to take any meds that I don't have to. I was given Xanax myself once to take before an MRI, to help avoid an anxiety attack, I REALLY hate tight inclosed spaces. It worked well, at least I was able to get through it. I only took it that one day, 11 mg 1 hour before the test.

Several years later my husband had had major neck surgery and had to be in a Halo for sveral months which caused sever anxiety attachs. His neuro surgon proscribed Xanax I think 2mgfour times a day but I'm not sure on this,for this and all seemed ok for about the first week. Then I started noticing some personality changes, he seemed to be more "touchy", eaisly angered. Then he started going into what I can only call rages. Exterme negitive responses to the smallest things. This would happen just about 45 minutes after taking his medications, he was also taking Percacet for pain. After being married for 15 years at this time this was extermly upsetting. Fortunatly the rages stoped just short of phyiscal harm to persons (wasn't so great on the furniture though).

After stoping the Xanax this all stoped. It turned out that some people, more common in males, have a sensitivity to drugs in the benzo family. The medical doctors didn't mention this, but the phych. doctor informed us that he should avoid these.

About a year ago I started having anxiety attachs after a bad trauma and was given Benadryl, an over the counter antihistamine. This worked wonders. Took effect in about 20 minutes or less and was out of the system in 2-4 hours. I only have thes attacks every great while now and they are not anywhere as bad as at frist.

Of course you should talk with your doctor before taking anything.





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