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Re: Delayed Sleep Phase

Posted by Toni on March 28, 1999, at 8:23:33

In reply to Re: Delayed Sleep Phase, posted by pej on February 24, 1999, at 22:16:36

> Hi Shell...go here
> Springs/1123/dsps.html
> Lots of info....bye now Phil
> > What is this? What does it mean? The doc said meds don't help. Any ideas or information is greatly appreciated!! Sleepless as usual, Shell

Thanks for posting that site! At least now I know I'm not the only one with this problem.

I guess you could say I was born with a sleep disorder, my mother told me they had to put some type of medication in my baby bottle to get me to sleep. My normal sleep pattern seems to be 5-7am go to bed and sleep till 10 or 11am. Usually not sleeping more than 5 hours and often only 4. It has been this way most of my life (which made it real interesting when I was in school). At a 40+ I have been able to set my own schedual for quite a number of years now. Being self-employed and working from home don't hurt either. But there were times when this wasn't the case and it was really miserable.

Everytime I tried to change this pattern to a more "normal" one I met with failure. Sleeping pills just made it worse, instead of becoming more functional as the day wore on I was just groggy all day. Self-hypnosis didn't work, neither did hot baths, warm milk, boring books, environmental sounds, or standing on my head. In fact a doctor even tried an rx for cigarettes when I was 9 (which lead to a pack a day habit for 28 years thank you very much! [but I quit several years ago]) The best I could do was just to let people know not to ask me anything important till after 11am.

It some ways I like the way I am, I get alot done in the middle of the night, no long lines at the supermarket, I have the tv remote all to myself, I've read more books than a good many libraries have, and I can do my gardening without getting a sunburn! ( I just wish my sons and grandkids weren't such morning people.)

Also does anyone know if those with DSPS are more prone to other sleep disorders? I have had one severe bout is true insomnia where I could not get to sleep at all or for not more than 15 minutes that lasted over 3 months. This was many yeard ago and lead to suicidal thoughts. I finally resorted to sleeping pills for about 2 weeks and that worked for that problem. I have also had a few narcoleptic symtoms at times. The doctor called it Sudden Urge to Sleep. This almost always happened in the late afternoon and only if I was not doing anything. It was very frightening, my husband would try to wake me,and I could hear him but could not move or speak. Fortunatly that has not happened in several years.





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