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Re: Skeptic -Dear soulmates

Posted by Gringo on March 9, 1999, at 5:48:15

In reply to Re: Skeptic -Dear soulmates, posted by pej on March 8, 1999, at 7:44:01

> > Dear David,
> Seems you have found a soulmate with Dumbo..I'm sorry, Gringo. Why not come back in a year and let me know how your "therapy" is going.
> Also Dumbo, who are you to assume to know what I have read or done?

Dear Pej,

first of all thank you for responding and also thank to Dr. Bob for
reminding about being civil. Dear Pej, I just expressed an opinion which is
far different from yours but that doesn't mean you should call me dumb and
and also link David to being dumb as well.

First, let me ask you a question. have you ever experienced the state of mind under
any of the wide range of psychedelics? I say you haven't. I do not judge. You teach others
how to swim without even touching the water, without being in it, without knowing how to swim.
In my post I begged, please, get the facts, do not judge according to being influenced by propaganda.
But anyway, your opinion I respect.

I wish peace to your mind which has a long way ahead...please, do not argue, once you'll see.
How qucikly you'll see that depends on YOU.

Anyway, I did not want to bring confusion and arguing here, I do appologise for expressing
my opinion the way that may look aggressive to someone. I just wanted to "introduce" a different, though minor, view.

But I insist on the *fact* that there are
way deeper inner realms in each of us and so is in you, Pej, although you probably doesn't want to
agree with it nor even think about it. If you go on
switching from one *drug* to another and do not search for more then you'll only
put a great patch onto the hole in your nice and peaceful but wounded soul.

I really do not know how much you read but you've told it to me now. Please, I'd do a lot to
heal you, you do one thing for me - read a book written by Dr. Grof "LSD Psychotherapy". For sure you
haven't read it. No, it's not like buying a drug - buying or borrowing that book, there's pure science in it
and 25 years of research. And if you had ever a chance to ask any of hundreds of psychiatrists who participated
in that research, vast majority of them (as there are opinion differences, aren't there?) would tell you they never saw
more powerful tool to remove mind blockages and depressions. (And for example you would read about cases when people with
total depression, unable to participate in the society anymore, who were to be sent to "sanatoriums" forever to wait for the end there,
were given psychedelic therapy and after comleting it were able to find jobs and spouses...). Please, read that book, only for the reason
to enlarge the field of your knowledge about depression. Thank you. You also might say that all these psychiatrists got addicted to lsd but
then the blocks on your mind would be great.

And finally, if you got until here, I also would like to "announce" you (because obviously you haven't read much about it)
that there are nations who use *occasionally* strong psychedelics and are, in comparison with the civilised western society, able to
keep them under control even if these psychedelics grow from the ground in the front of a shelter.

There were hundreds of researches on drugs but you never got the facts because your country is in "war", and in war an "enemy" is necessary. Please,
go and ask your Mr. President how much does Drug enforcement agency spend every year and then go and get some statistics how much your country
was successful in decreasing the drug use and deaths related to drugs. Surprise - use of drugs and drug deaths have increased. Did you know it? I suppose
you didn't but what you probably know is "all drugs=death". It's not your fault, I am sorry if I was too "sci-fi"-like.

I wish all of you would get rid of your depressions. You, Pej, are probably a "hard head" and I am just waisting time here but
you told me to come in a year and tell you how I am. You don't know anything about me (though you put me in a bag together with dumbs and drug addicted people -
am I right?) just like I don't know anything about you. But I do not need a year, if I had a depression it wouldn't take longer than 2-3 months to become
a "newborn" human being. (Guess what - did you know that psychotherapy lasting a year is one of the best businesses in the usa? It lasts for a long long time
and that brings incomes...) But I can tell you that my depression was probably slowly showing up, but that was that period when you only start to see that people around you
are slightly "different" and you have nothing to say to them and you start realizing that... I've undergone a holotropic breathwork session (ever read about it?) which will put
your mind into an unordinary expanded state which is very similar to lsd state of the mind. But in this case there are no drugs! Surprise? That must be crazy...yes, I can hear that alreay.
But what someone here called "you want to get high when depressed..." (which is ridiculous in case of lsd or any unordinary state of consciousness...) is in fact looking at your life
and powerful releasing of enormous press that "dwells" inside of you since being born. If you knew me, I'd tell you my story and how I feel after
one such session. That's all, no drugs, but this is mostly the same way as use of lsd. So please, do not throw
something in a garbage bin without even knowing anything about it.

It would be much more nice and beneficial to discuss in a peaceful atmosphere and contributing with our own
experience to help others. Thank you.






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