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Wacky alternative therapies

Posted by David K. on January 23, 1999, at 5:07:49

In reply to Re: marihuana for bi-polar and depression,,,it works, posted by saintjames on January 23, 1999, at 0:45:45

Well put, James!

I agree that herbs have their place ... but I've met too many people that think the CURE ALL to EVERYTHING (I think that's redundant) can be found in a Health Food Store. My brother is a chiropractor. He says things like "Just because you have Strep throat doesn't mean you need antibiotics." (Yeah, if you wanna get rhuematic fever and spread your germs arounf and possibly KILL someone's baby with it...) Um ... what else? "Lung cancer is caused by the filters in cigarrette, not the tobbacco." (this is supposedly proven because back when "they" started doing the first studies on cancer, people read them and switched to filtered cigarrettes. Then the cancer rate supposedly went up. I can think of other explanations, but that's just me.)
Oh yeah ... Attention Defecit Disorder (according to my brother & his teacher) is due to an abnormal curviture in the neck. The "electrical signals" run up one side of the neck and down the other, and if you don't have the proper curve...(!) There's also the story of the guy who was teaching "learning disabled" kids and realized that they al had "abnormal gaits." (They walked funny.) So he adjusted them and then they were ALL not "learning disabled anymore."
My cousin Richie died last month from pneumonia and lung cancer (he'd been sick since February and only went to the emergency room when he collapsed.) He died a day after being there, because his condition wsa so bad, plus I'm sure he was weakend by suddeny going cold turkey with beer and cigarrettes (he drank CONSTANTLY (literally) and smoked Unfiltered Pall Malls and Lucky Strikes. My brother ignored the fact that they were "unfiltered," though. He says that Richie probably died from the "shock" or receiving the medicine when he was in the hospital (as opposed to severe pneumonia and lung cancer and going cold turkey combined with a phobia of Hospitals that made him keep trying to rip the I.V.s out of his arms and get the hell out of there.)
My point here, and I do have one, is that not all Chiropractors are kooks! And, like herbs, Chiropractic has it's place. It's been proven to be an effective short-term therapy and pain-reliever, and there's nothing wrong with that. But my brother has a book called, "THE UNLIMITED POWER OF CHIROPRACTIC." Jeez. "Unlimited"? And EVERYTHING can be cured by Chiropractic. I'm sure (if he knew about me!) that he'd tell me all my anidepressants are evil and he justs needs to pop one of my vertibrae back in place.
But I really hate it when people give simple, lame answers to larger, more difficult problems, especially when they smack of being "anti science." The "scientific method" is a) create a hypothesis, b) test the hypothosis under experimental conditions c) revise the hypothesis if necessary. (Or something like that.) People can do bad things with technology and science, but irrational hatred of it is really, really double dumb.
Like my brother saying that Nutrasweet is bad because it was developed while someone was working on chemical weapons. Now, that's probably NOT EVEN TRUE. But even if it was, SO WHAT? I told him how the Bikini was named after Bikini Atoll back in 1954 (or so) when they tested the H-Bomb there. And Teflon was invented for the Space Program. Just because you fry and egg on it doesn't mean you're an effin Astronaut.
(but he's definitely OUT THERE ... like on Pluto, man....)
Can you tell this has all been bottled up inside?




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