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Re: SSRI induced mania? and psychosis!

Posted by Sean on January 15, 1999, at 17:07:48

In reply to Re: SSRI induced mania? and psychosis!, posted by Laurie on January 14, 1999, at 18:16:30

> > Hi everybody... I went from feeling like a slug on Effexor and having to go to sleep at 7 or 8:00 at night to taking Celexa and finally falling asleep at midnight and waking up at five with a brief period or two in between of waking up and puttering around a little.
> > I also noticed that I'm really "chatty" on the Celexa. I talk and talk and talk. My Dr. said she doesn't THINK I'm hypomanic (I think that's the word she used...) my diagnosis is and always has been Major Depression.
> > Do you think I should be concerned? Could my Depression be changing into something else, or could it just be the meds? Or could it just be that since I'm feeling okay lately I've just got more to say? (ie, I'm less inhibited.)
> Hi David,
> I don't think being chatty is really much to be concerned about! Matter of fact, it's probably pretty good that you feel like having so much to say after being depressed. I, too, have been feeling even a little happier on the celexia instead of the effexor. Don't worry about it, and enjoy it!
> Laurie

Well this is certainly a deep question! It gets
right to the heart of how different types of
depression are defined and what is probably going
on at a neurochemical level.

I am not a doc, but I've been reading on this
very subject lately because of my own experiences.
Here's what I think:

- if you have ever had hypomanic states without
using an antidepressant drug, then it is likely
that you fall into the bipolar spectrum somewhere.
This could be cyclothymia or BP2 and you should
NOT be taking un-opposed antidepressants.

- if the hypomania is AD induced, but you've never
been hypomanic on your own, you probably have
a more recurrent form of unipolar depression
which has atypical features. In other words,
the depression you have more resembles the
depressed phase of a bipolar person, or perhaps
something like dysthymia. So even if you are not
BP, you could wind up with a more rapid-cycling
and hard to treat form of unipolar. Apparently
in Europe, they treat this form of depression
with lithium. Some docs in the States do too.

In any case, the Rx is tricky. I've tried to take
SSRI's and all I can say is HYPOMANIA CENTRAL.
These drugs feel like speed to me, and also have
an annoying "shallowing" effect on my sense of
person. Then the effect burns out and you have to
up the dose, and then it all happens again.

At the moment, I'm chilling my cortex out with
*nothing* just to see what happens. Probably I will
get depressed and then have some hypomania for a
few months, and then get depressed etc... and
eventually decide to go for help again. But poly
drug therapy is so gnarly on the old body. I am
kind of scared of the anticonvulsants, although I
also have smell hallucinations and siezure-like
states which would benefit from these drugs.

What a mess!




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